Obrien Ace Wakeboard with Bindings

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About Obrien Ace Wakeboard with Bindings

The Ace is ideal for an Aggressive Rider wanting to Explore-the-Sport without Breaking-the-Bank", Wide Set Quad Flank Fins and Low Volume Rails provide Strong-Edge-Control, while the Continuous-Rocker Pattern provides Predictable-Life Off-the-Wake. A Thin-Profile allows the Board to Flex-and-Rebound Under-Load, Maximizing-Pop. The Ace will take you to the Next-Level.

The Obrien Ace Wakeboard comes with the Kick Bindings. The Kick Bindings feature Left-and-Right Specific Plates that offer a better fit for your foot. They are equipped with 3D CMEVA Foot-Beds that provide a Cushioned Ride that won't Cramp-your-Feet. The Kick has a Molded PVC Overlay, Easy Adjust Lace System and Captive Thumbscrew System so you'll never lose your Mounting Hardware.

The Ace Wakeboard is available in 2-Sizes depending on your weight category. The (L x W) 53.9" x 16.5" (137cm x 41.9cm) Model is for weight class of 120lbs to 200lbs (54.4kg to 92kg). It has a 2.2 Continuous Rocker. The (L x W) 55.9" x 16.75" (142cm x 42.5cm) Model is for weight class of 155lbs to 245lbs (70.3kg to 111kg). It has a 2.35 Continuous Rocker. Both have Variable Beveled Edges and a 1.1 Flank Fin Design. The Ace Wakeboard comes with an Owner's Manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(800) 662-7436

Obrien Ace Wakeboard with Bindings Features

  • Ideal for Aggressive Riders Wanting to Explore-the-Sport without Breaking-the-Bank"
  • Wide Set Quad Flank Fins
  • Low Volume Rails
  • Strong-Edge-Control
  • Continuous-Rocker Pattern; Provides Predictable-Life Off-the-Wake
  • Thin-Profile: For Flex-and-Rebound Under-Load, Maximizing-Pop
  • 2-Sizes:
    (L x W) 53.9" x 16.5" (137cm x 41.9cm) for Weight Class 120lbs to 200lbs (54.4kg to 92kg)
    (L x W) 55.9" x 16.75" (142cm x 42.5cm) for Weight Class 155lbs to 245lbs (70.3kg to 111kg)
  • Variable Beveled Edges
  • 1.1 Flank Fin Design
  • Kick Bindings: Left-and-Right Specific Plates for Better Fit for Foot
  • 3D CMEVA Foot-Beds: Cushioned Ride, Won't Cramp-your-Feet
  • Molded PVC Overlay
  • Easy Adjust Lace System
  • Captive Thumbscrew System
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Obrien Ace Wakeboard with Bindings Specifications

(L X W) 53.9" X 16.5" (137Cm X 41.9Cm) Or (L X W) 55.9" X 16.75" (142Cm X 42.5Cm)
Weight Range
120Lbs To 200Lbs (54.4Kg To 92Kg) Or 155Lbs To 245Lbs (70.3Kg To 111Kg)
Foam Core
Fin Set-Up
Quad Flank Fins
Lace Up
Available in the Following Sizes:
137, 142
Weight [with packaging]
20.7 lb
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