Obrien Tube Rope


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About Obrien Tube Rope

O'Brien Tube Rope
The O'Brien Tube Rope is the ideal product for the water sports enthusiast. It is just the kind of rope you need for towing while indulging in watersports such as water skiing, wake kneeboarding or barefooting. In all kinds of watersports which involve towing, rope snapping causes the most accidents; this rope, with its 2,375 lbs. average break strength, is a safe tow rope to use with your boat. This rope is designed to tow up to 6 riders. This stretchable rope is 60 ft., making it long and suitable for all sorts of fun activities on the water. With a diameter of 3/4 in., the rope has the strength and durability to be a safe option for all your towing needs. Get the O'Brien Tube Rope for some thrilling adventures in the ocean or lake.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(800) 662-7436

Obrien Tube Rope Features

  • 2,375 lbs average break strength
  • For up to (2) riders / 340 lbs.max
  • 60' long

Obrien Tube Rope Specifications

3/4 In.
Up To 2 Riders
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