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About Obrien Child Nylon Vest

O'Brien Child Nylon Vest
The O'Brien Child Nylon Vest is designed to keep your child both safe and comfortable at the same time! This vest is Coast Guard approved, making it a reliable option to take when your little one heads out into the water. Built with a sturdy nylon exterior that is durable, this product can endure extended wear and tear. As the core is made from soft flexible foam with a natural feel, this vest offers your child minimal discomfort even when it has to be worn throughout the day. Since it is secured using three "squeeze" quick-release buckles with adjustable strap closures, it is easy to pull on and take off. You can also use this feature to get the right fit for your kid. The adjustable leg-loop strap is an added security feature which can be employed in case of an emergency to fasten your child securely to yourself or to a life-buoy. Have fun without any worries with the O'Brien Child Nylon Vest!

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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