Nite Rider Black Water 3000 (1265)

Nite Rider Black Water 3000 (1265) Features

What's in the box: Black Water 3000, Microbrute smart Charger, Soft hand mount, Heavy-duty belt clip.

When it comes to the lighting workhorse in the Diving industry, most Professional Divers turn to our Nite Rider 13 2 volt systems The popular Black Water 3000 a bulletproof lighting system will produce the required watts and burn times to complete your underwater tasks, this 13 2 volt system also double as a trustworthy caving and recreational addition for the serious diver The Black Water 3000 is the result of two years developing a Nickel-Metal Hydride lighting system Though the Black Water 3000 can be used for just about any application, low-visibility, brown-orange silty water conditions are where it will feel at home The system was designed for extreme deep, dark waters when the sea is not kind and dishes out the worst in diving conditions

One reason why the Nite Rider Black Water 3000 (1265) is popular is because of its High Intensity.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable 13.2 volt 4.0Ah Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
  • Weighs 30%less than comparable NiCad systems
  • Allowing up to 30 % longer burn times and shorter recharge times
  • 3 light levels: 12w, 20w, and 32w
  • Up to 3hr burn @ 12w, 2hrs @ 20w, 1:10hrs @ 32w
  • Micro-brute 2.5 hour Smart-Charger
  • Wet-connector cords!!!
  • Soft Wrist Mount for putting the light where you need it and reducing the backscatter effect.
  • Rated to 500 f.f.w.
  • System weight: 2.1 lbs (1/2 lb Negative) - Mount, light head and battery
  • Battery case size: 6 in. Height x 4.5in. Width x 1.6 in. Thick.
  • Heavy-duty belt clip for mounting on weight belt, tank strap or cummerbund

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(858) 268-3850

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