Nite-Rider HID 10/14 Watt Dive Light, (2011)

Nite-Rider HID 10/14 Watt Dive Light, (2011) Features

The HID II Dive Light is a 14 watt, 13 2-volt dive light system equivalent to 80 watts of conventional light but with 6000 degree color temperature that is closest to sunlight Now, with we-connect cords!!! This incredibly bright and penetrating light is perfectfor all types of serious diving needs The 4 hour run time provides plenty of time to get all the dives in you want in a day

One reason why the Nite-Rider HID 10/14 Watt Dive Light, (2011) is popular is because of its High Intensity.

Key Features

  • 14 watt HID Single Beam (40watts of equivalent conventional light)
  • Burn times: 4 hours!!!
  • Versatile wet-connect cords!!
  • Soft Wrist Mount for putting the light where you need it and reducing the backscatter effect
  • Industrial Grade rechargeable 13.2 volt 4.5Ah memory-free NiMH battery, weight2.1 lbs (1/2lb negative in water), size: width 4.5in. x height 6in. x thick 1.6in.
  • Heavy-duty belt clip for mounting on a weight belt, tank strap or cummerbund
  • Micro-brute 2.5 hour Smart Charger
  • Certified to 500 f.f.w.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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