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About Neo-Sport Triathlon 5/3 Women NRG Sleeveless

NeoSport's Women's NRG Series sleeveless wetsuit provides supple oversized arm openings that minimize energy expended during your forward swim stroke motion These extra wide openings also eliminate unwanted binding and allow full muscle extension Fabric trim at the perimeter is smooth and durable high-stretch nylon with Lycra, ensuring optimal seal while eliminating potential water scooping and chafe

The women's specific, anatomically-cut NRG Series sleeveless also features NeoSport's exclusive super soft Speed Skin neoprene, which provides maximum buoyancy and superior hydrodynamics The max-allowed five-millimeter chest panel helps you skim along the top of the water instead of sinking down The three-millimeter Speed Skin back panel reduces overall wetsuit weight, further diminishing submersion

Mid-calf leg openings increase kick efficiency and decrease water drag, while the wider exit openings limit heel snag, speeding up transition times The Easy-out zipper stays put in the water, but is easy to grab on land An adjustable Velcro_ collar yields a perfectly personalized seal, with no unwanted water scooping or chafe Instead you can achieve precise fit, allowing you to efficiently and comfortably glide through the water Double glued-and-sewn seams increase hydrodynamics and durability, meaning the suit will last season after season Sizes run incrementally from 4 to 14, meaning there's a perfect fitting wetsuit just for you

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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