Neosport 7/5mm Vented Bib Hood Small

Neosport 7/5mm Vented Bib Hood Small Features

What's in the box: Neosport 7/5mm Vented Bib Hood

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Layering is the Key to Warmth when we Scuba Dive. By Layering we Breathe-Slower, Conserve our Air Supply allowing us to make longer and more enjoyable Dives. Smart design pays big dividends in Comfort with this Multi-Thickness Hood. The Thinner, oversized Bib is made to Tuck Easily into Wetsuits forming Additional Layering for a Good Seal and an overall Anatomical Shape that helps eliminate Sags and Air Pockets.

The Face Seal can be Trimmed-to-Precisely Match unique make Longer and more Comfortable Dives. Neo Sports by Henderson's 7/5 mm Vented Bib Hood, can allow your diving to be more Facial Contours while an Integrated Vent allows Bubbles-to- Escape through the Top of the Hood without Promoting Water Exchange. All Seams are Glued and Stitched for Durability and to limit Water Exchange. The Hood Body is made from Premium Nylon ll Neoprene 7 mm Material with the Bib being 5 mm. Hood is Black in color and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Neo Sport by Henderson 7/5 mm Vented Bib Hood:
  • Large Bib, Layers with Wetsuit for Added Warmth
  • Air Vent-Minimize Ballooning
  • Trim-able Face Seal
  • Seams: Glued and Sewn for Strength and Durability
  • 7/5 mm Nylon ll Neoprene Rubber Design
  • Multi-Thickness Hood: 7 mm Head, 5 mm Bib
  • Layering: Breathe-Slower Conserver Air Supply
  • Anatomical Fit
  • Color: Black
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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