NRS Maverick Gloves with HydroCuff, 2016

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  • Stands-High Above-its-Peers!
  • Warm, Waterproof and Flexible
  • Keep-Water-Out and Warmth-In
  • Awesome-Gripping-Ability
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About NRS Maverick Gloves with HydroCuff, 2016

The NRS Maverick Glove stands high above its peers. Warm, waterproof and flexible with an innovative Hydro Cuff that helps keep water out and your warmth in, the Maverick is definitely a cut above. The glove has 2mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive that provides plenty of warmth. The liquid sealed glued Seams keep water out, vastly increasing the warmth of this glove. The neoprene Hydro Cuff grips your arm, helping keep water out and warmth inside providing extreme warmth for your hands.

The Gloves raw neoprene palm gives you awesome gripping ability while the raw neoprene back sheds water, greatly reducing evaporative cooling. The gloves seams are glued and blind stitched for strength, warmth and added durability. The Hydro Cuff Design is unique and requires special attention when donning-and-doffing. To put the glove on, first roll the cuff up. Then slide your hand in with a twisting motion and roll the cuff back over your forearm. To take the glove off, slide the thumb of the opposite hand inside the cuff, along the palm of the hand and push the glove off.

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NRS Maverick Gloves with HydroCuff, 2016 Features

  • NRS Maverick Gloves with HydroCuff
  • Stands-High Above-its-Peers!
  • Warm, Waterproof and Flexible
  • Innovative Hydro Cuff: Keep-Water-Out and Warmth-In
  • 2mm Neoprene with Titanium Laminate Adhesive: Provides Plenty of Warmth
  • Liquid Seam Glued Seams: Keeps Water-Out Vastly Increasing Warmth of Glove
  • Neoprene Hydro Cuff Grips Arm: Keep Water-Out and Warmth-Inside
  • Raw Neoprene Palm: Awesome-Gripping-Ability
  • Raw Neoprene Back Sheds Water, Greatly-Reducing Evaporative Cooling
  • Seams: Glued & Blind-Stitched for Strength, Warmth and Added-Durability
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