National Geographic Swim Ear Plug

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  • Protects ear from infections
  • Conical flanged shape for a custom fit
  • Designed for optimum comfort
  • Comes in a reusable plastic case
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About National Geographic Swim Ear Plug

National Geographic is synonyms with adventure, and getting in shape for your next one is important to the enjoyment of that adventure. One great way to get in shape is swimming. National Geographic knows this and that is why they offer Swim Gear to help you prepare for any adventure you may encounter. National Geographic Ear Plugs protect your ears from swimmer's ear and other ear infections and are designed for comfort and customized fit.

Ear Plugs are made from either Silicone Rubber or TRP. The Ergonomic Flanged Conical Shape of the Ear Plugs assures Optimal Fit within the Ear Canal. The Soft material adds Comfort and Flexibility for a Formed Fit. Ear Plugs are available in 2 Color Coded Sizes for Optimum Fit with Blue for Large and Green for Small. The Ear Plugs come with a Reusable Plastic Case for Storage. So let's get in shape for our next adventure with National Geographic!

National Geographic Swim Ear Plug Features

  • National Geographic Swim Ear Plug
  • Get in Shape for that Next Adventure!
  • Protects Ears from Swimmers Ear and other Infections
  • Designed for Comfort and Customized Fit
  • Ergonomic Conical Flanged Shape Assures Optimal Fit
  • Material: Silicone Rubber or TPR
  • Available in 2 Sizes for Optimum Fit
  • Packed with a Reusable Plastic Case
  • Size Color: Large Blue or Small Green
  • 3 Sizes: Small, Medium or Large
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