MotoSolutions Raincoat Water Repellent Wipes - Pack of 5

MotoSolutions Raincoat Water Repellent Wipes - Pack of 5 Features

What's in the box: Five 2.5 gm Pouches, Sponge Applicator and Buffing Cloth

Moto-Solutions Raincoat Water Repellent Wipes
The Moto-Solutions Raincoat Water Repellent Wipes is the ideal solution to keep water away. It's easy-to-apply wax blend is suspended in a volatile oil, to make it last for a longer time. The wax is hydrophobic and repels water effectively. By beading up water droplets into large drops, the water is repelled from the surfaces where the spray has been used. This spray has a wide range of uses and can be applied to airplane/boat windows, glasses, face shields, hockey masks, windshields, and more. The big drops tend to dissipate with gravity or wind and the remaining drops become small rounded droplets, instead of smudges which reduce and distort vision. It has also been proven efficient in keeping ice and snow from sticking to plastic surfaces. The possibility of trapping salts or dirt is also greatly reduced by its constant water repulsion. The Moto-Solutions Raincoat Water Repellent Wipes are essential for when you can't let water get in the way.

Key Features

  • Raincoat Water Repellent is a proprietary
  • Transparent water repellent wax that improves vision by keeping water off of PLASTIC lenses shields and glasses
  • Even plastic airplane or helicopter windows
  • Easy to apply
  • Raincoat lasts for many days, even in heavy rains
  • Raincoat also keeps lenses cleaner because it removes the drops that attact dirt
  • Special Wax Blend that is Suspended in a Volatile Oil
  • Waxes: Hydrophobic, that is, they Hate' Water
  • Repels Water by Beading-Up the Drops
  • Beads of Water Have Less-Contact with Plastic Optics, Larger-Ones Run-Off with Gravity or the Wind
  • Smaller and More-Rounded Droplets Don't Smear to Distorts Vision
  • Trapped Dirt and Salts Stay-Off Lenses or Shields
  • Reduces Frequent Cleaning of Optics
  • Ice and Snow find it difficult to Stick-to-Plastic Surfaces
  • Airplane Windows, Safety Goggles, Glasses, Sunglasses, Hazmat Suits, Firefighter Visors, SCBA, Helmet Face Shields
  • Windshields, Football Eye Guards, Outdoor Security Camera Domes, Equipment Viewing Windows (Machine Tools, Food Processing, Paper Mills, Water Washing or Blasting)
  • Parking Meter Domes or Windows, Boat Windows and Isinglass, Jet Canopies, Helicopter Windows, Recumbent Bike Enclosures
  • Hockey Masks, Eye Guards and Basketball Goggles and More!
  • Works on Plastic Optics Only, Not Glass
  • Five 2.5 gm Pouches, Sponge Applicator and Buffing Cloth