Mares Vector 1000 Airtrim BCD with MRS Weight Pockets, Black

Mares Vector 1000 Airtrim BCD with MRS Weight Pockets, Black Features

What's in the box: BCD, 2 Quick Release Weight Pockets, LP Quick Disconnect Hose

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One of the best BCs in the world A Mares classic, now revolutionized with the Airtrim system

Key Features

  • Integrated weights with mechanical release system (MRS)
  • Air trim system: perfect buoyancy control, great safety and increased comfort during the dive
  • Trim weight system. The option to store fixed rear weights, up to 5 lbs per pocket (2 pockets), makes it possible to adjust buoyancy in the water as needed
  • Quick Adjustable System, for quick and precise cummerbund adjustment
  • Two three-dimensional pockets whose internal volume remains constant regardless of bag inflation
  • Twin Exhaust Valve System
  • The special backpack protection can be used in two positions depending on the diver's needs
  • Upper quick dump/over-expansion relief valve, with a control that is always readily accessible and easy to use
  • Manual quick dump/over-expansion relief rear valve
  • Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves
  • Oral Inflator

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 323-0465