Mares Nemo Dive Computer Watch, Titanium

Mares Nemo Dive Computer Watch, Titanium Features

Swiss-made case and mechanical components offer maximum reliability and functional precision Extremely simple and intuitive Features easy access to all functions, both as a watch and as a dive computer The only one with four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Bottom Time, and Free-Dive (the special freediving function), to satisfy the most demanding divers

A cutting-edge dive computer and an elegant watch The best there is, in both your worlds Nemo is the most complete dive computer-watch in the world, offering all functions for dives with or without decompression It can also be used for Nitrox mixtures For freediving enthusiasts, it also offers the special "free-dive" mode, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding deep divers

Traditional dive functions:
Current depth / maximum depth achieved (on request), Dive time, Safety stop, Remaining no-decompression time at the current depth (no dec), Decompression stop times, Total time to surface, Water temperature, Ascent rate in m/min (ft /min ) with digital readout, Ascent rate (as a percentage of the maximum permitted speed), Value for CNS O2 LIMIT % (in the case of Nitrox dives), Dive time in minutes and seconds (in bottom time mode)

Surface functions
Surface time,Log book for storing 50 dives in memory, Profiles of the last 50 dives, at 20-second intervals (max 38 hours), Desaturation time display (desat), Time-to-fly display (no fly), Calendar and clock function, Air temperature, Self-diagnosis, Scrolling of no-stop times for planning repetitive dives

No-decompression limit reached, Excessively rapid ascent, Omitted decompression stop, Low battery, Max permitted depth for the programmed PPO2 value (for Nitrox dives), "Deep Stop" depth achieved

Main special functions
Setting of Air/Nitrox/Bottom time programs, Setting of percentage O2 from 21% to 50%, in increments of 1%, Setting of PPO2 max from 1 2 to 1 6 bar, Four-level altitude function, Option for more conservative programs to increase safety margins, History of the total number of dives, the deepest dive logged, the lowest temperature measured underwater, and the total hours of diving, Timer-controlled display lighting, No loss of memory during battery change, Function for clearing residual nitrogen memory, Function for disabling audible alarms, Fresh water / seawater setting (default fresh), Temperature display: Celsius (°C)/Fahrenheit (°F)

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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