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About Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style)

The MR 22 diaphragm first stage featuring the DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) system and a replaceable HP seat connector. The high pressure poppet was designed for a "2 year or 200 dives" service interval; double the high pressure seat life standard!

Compact body, in a modern and smart style, it is made of hot-forged nickel-plated and chromed brass. It is fitted with a preferential intermediate pressure port for connection to the main second stage, plus 3 other LP ports and 2 HP ports. The latter are inclined at a 45º angle to allow a more rational layout of hoses. And ergonomic exhaust tee ensures superior hydrodynamic performance and reduced exhalation resistance.

Abyss second stage, with its V.A.D. system, is made of nickel- and chrome-plated brass. This material offers a number of benefits, absolute ruggedness thinner walls, hence compact dimensions obtained without using smaller diameter diaphragms, this result in reduced water drag. The Abyss has an anti-freeze function, which is enhanced by the "radiator action" of the metal inlet and housing.

The contoured fin opening design of the second stage cover reduces the pressure of water flowing onto the regulators diaphragm and minimizes free-flow. Even in a strong current it eliminates the need for a knob to de-tune your air delivery system advance technology through basic physics. The cover is made of techno-polymer, a lightweight and impact-resistant material. The large manual purge button is easy to find and operate. The mouthpiece is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone: limiting jaw fatigue and offering a secure fit even after very long dives.

MR22 offers the unique Mares patented V.A.D. (Vortex Assisted Design) system. This system allows smooth breathing at all depths. Its operating principle is very simple; the air coming from the hose passes through the second stage downstream valve and is conveyed directly to the mouthpiece through the by-pass tube. Within the mouthpiece, the air flow undergoes a "vortex" effect. Whenever this swirl effect occurs, the core of the vortex creates a low pressure area. This low pressure helps keep the second stage diaphragm down while inhaling, thus increasing the regulator sensitivity. Hose is 1/2" Threaded High Flow hose and is 29.5" (75 cm) in length. Mares MR22 Abyss comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style) is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style) is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Divemaster, Recreational Diver among others. The Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style) is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Mares MR22 Abyss Regulator (old style): Adjustable, Comfortable, Effortless breathing, Nitrox Compatible.

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