Mares Proton 12 Regulator

Mares Proton 12 Regulator Features

What's in the box: 1st Stage, 2nd Stage and LP Hose


The historic tried-and-tested first stage A diaphragm design featuring the DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) system for dynamically balancing the pressure drop during the inhalation phase Replaceable high-pressure valve seat in stainless steel
Chrome and nickel-plated body protected by a shockproof elastomer cover with a new design Four LP low-pressure ports and two HP ports for connecting a pressure gauge or the transmitting unit of an air integrated computer


Light weight, ruggedness, high performance and simple construction These are the distinguishing features of this brand new and ultra-compact second stage Two-component body for a unique look, coupled with superior mechanical characteristics
Integrated VAD by-pass system, for effortless, natural breathing under all conditions Coverplate with ultra-light alloy ring, anodized and incorporating the "mesh-grid" system for maximum performance "Super-soft" hose and a new orthodontic mouthpiece for unparalleled comfort

The Mares Proton 12 Regulator is commonly used for Warm Water, Recreation and more. The Mares Proton 12 Regulator is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Recreational Diver among others. One reason why the Mares Proton 12 Regulator is popular is because of its Comfortable.

Key Features

    Coverplate design, which disperses the water flow around the 2nd stage diaphragm, reducing the likelihood of free-flow. The calibrated holes allow a large amount of water to flow through while simultaneously reducing undesirable dynamic effects, even when swimming against a strong current.
    Mares' first stages feature the exclusive DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) system, which minimizes the intermediate pressure drop during the inhalation phase, thereby considerably improving regulator performance in terms of breathing effort and inhalation resistance.
    The second stage body, molded from high strength technopolymers, is over molded with a special elastomer that gives a the Proton it unique look in addition to high abrasion resistance.
  • VAD
    - The unique Mares patented V.A.D. (Vortex Assisted Design) system. This system is unique and allows smooth breathing at all depths and its operating principle is very simple. The air coming from the hose passes through the second stage valve and is conveyed directly to the mouthpiece through the by-pass tube.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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