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About Mares Men's Isotherm Semi-Dry One Piece Wetsuit with Hood

History jumps into the future

The Isotherm is well known worldwide as a pioneer of the semidry philosophy Mares wants to celebrate one of the icons of these past 60 years with the Isotherm Next Generation The design takes its roots in the 80s version But double cone construction, pre-shaped cuts, wrist and ankle internal smooth skin O-rings, the modified position of back TIZIP, together with a great selection of neoprene make this semidry an icon again

Comfort Plus, this internal plush fabric has a low heat conductivity thus retaining warmth and providing a comfortable feeling Its loop finish gives a softer feel against the skin The Double Cone System minimizes the water flow in the most critical sealing areas like wrist and ankles First, fold the glide part of the inner cone against your skin, then overlap a glove with the glide surface of the upper cone, thus providing an incomparable seal

Advanced construction utilizes an internal gasket seal for the least water movement The combined action of the internal neoprene O-ring with the skin seal creates this double barrier called Double Sealing System (DSS) Two technologies together to minimize the water flow through the wrists Supratex Knee Pads, protection made of anti-scratch polyurethane not only looks sharp, but is engineered for high strength and protection without compromising flexibility The linear design moves in line with your body while still guarding this high wear area The Isotherm comes equipped with a hood, is 6 5 mm in thickness for great warmth, comes in 6 sizes and has a 24 month limited warranty

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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