Mares H.U.B. Avantgarde BCD, Black/Gray

Mares H.U.B. Avantgarde BCD, Black/Gray Features

What's in the box: BCD, MRS Weight Pockets, Proton Ice Regulator, Proton Octopus

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H U B : The first and only integrated diving system
But H U B is much more First of all, it is a system: i e , a control unit which coordinates the diver's various instruments Secondly, it is integrated: i e , different instruments that where formerly scattered and separated are now incorporated into a single unit H U B provides maximum freedom of movement, by eliminating trailing hoses and improving general comfort The instruments are all readily at hand, yet concealable In addition, H U B is equipped with Air-Trim, the new unit comprised of two simple button controls for inflation and deflation

Key Features

  • BC with Dragonfly cut Combines the advantages of back-mounted BCs with those of the traditional design for perfect buoyancy control in all diving conditions
  • Accessory pocket Inside the instrument compartment
  • Rear "Trim weight" weight compartments, ideal for an optimal distribution of the weights
  • Carrying bag, made from a special semi-foamed material for maximum protection, is included with the product
  • Airlock as standard, with dedicated hose is included with the product

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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