Highseas Millwork Fixed Waist Staging Ring

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About Highseas Millwork Fixed Waist Staging Ring

Fixed Waist Staging Ring is the complimentary partner to the Shoulder Drop Dee (SR-1) SKU: MNTSR1. Used as upper and lower clip-off locations for slinging bottles, together they allow the diver efficient one-handed stage bottle management. Hunting for the D-ring with one hand and clipping off with the other is history. The stainless steel WR-2 may be positioned comfortably anywhere on the waist belt or directly over the hip because of its contoured base. Ring is oriented at approximately 40° to the base plate. Constructed from corrosion resistant 304L (low carbon) stainless steel Fixed Waist Staging Ring positively locks on standard 2" (5.1 cm) webbing. The WR-2 is very popular with cold water, mitted divers. Made in the USA and comes with a 60 month limited warranty.

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