Manta Reel Rebuild Kit


About Manta Reel Rebuild Kit

Keeping your equipment in top performance shape can make the difference between a safe uneventful dive and one that you won't want to remember. Your reel is an intricate part of the safety equipment when doing penetration dives or when surfacing for a safety or decompression stop without a descent line. Wondering how to keep your reel in perfect shape? We recommend that you rebuild your reel every few years to keep it in perfect working order.

The reel rebuild kit comes with new line, wave washer, nylon washer; lock nut and anti-seize lubricant. Kit is available for Junior, Mini, Sport, G8 and Senior reels with #24, #30 or #36 nylon braided line. So keep your reel in the best of shape with the Manta Reel Rebuild Kit. Kit makes a great Save-A-Dive Kit item, and is a must for the serious diver.

Manta Reel Rebuild Kit Features

  • Complete Reel Rebuild Kit
  • New 1 lbs (0.48 kg) Nylon Braided Line in #24, #30 or #36
  • Wave Washer, Nylon Washer, Lock Nut and Anti-Seize Lubricant
  • Increased Safety in Diving
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • Must for Serious Divers

Manta Reel Rebuild Kit Specifications

Line Material
#24, #30 Or #36 Braided Nylon
Line Diameter
.073" (1.86 Mm), .078" (2.0 Mm), .083" (2.11 Mm)
Line Tensile Strength
240 Lbs (109 Kg), 280 Lbs (127 Kg), 330 Lbs (150 Kg)
#24 Weight [with packaging]
Senior, Jr-Mini-Sport-G8: 1.05 lb
#30 Weight [with packaging]
Jr-Mini-Sport-G8: 1.1 lb
#36 Weight [with packaging]
Senior: 1.05 lb,
Jr-Mini-Sport-G8: 1.1 lb
Available in the Following Sizes:
#24, #30, #36
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