Manta One Pound of Reel Line 700' #24

Manta One Pound of Reel Line 700' #24 Features

What's in the box: One Pound of Line

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If you use reels for your diving activities than having spare reel line is one handy item to have on hand. Manta offers 3 sizes of line in varying lengths. Manta's One Pound of Line is available in 700' (213.36 meters) #24 line, 600' (183 meters) #30 line and 350' (106.68 meters) #36 line. All three lines are braided nylon line for durability and long life. One Pound of Line makes a great Save-A-Dive Kit Item.

Key Features

  • Three Sizes and Lengths to Choose From
  • Durable Braided Nylon Line
  • Must for Divers with Reels
  • Great save-A-Dive Kit Item