Liquivision Kaon Dive Computer with Charger Kit


About Liquivision Kaon Dive Computer with Charger Kit

The Liquivision Kaon allows for both air and nitrox and provides options for both the Tec and Rec diving world. It also provides three modes: recreational, technical and gauge, making it one of the most versatile dive computers available. The computer uses the Buhlmann ZH-L16C algorithm with optional gradient factors. The Kaon features Liquivision s patented tap based technology and is built to be the ultimate rugged and reliable dive computer. The Kaon has ultra-dependable ceramic pressure sensors and a depth rating of 660 (200 meters). The display's layout and screen colors are fully customizable. The Kaon allows up to 3 gases (air and nitrox 21-100%), has a dive planner and dive simulator, dive logging, with a lifetime dive log memory 3500 hours.

The Kaon computer has a deep stops with adjustable conservatism function, visual indicators of CNS and N2, is operational from sea level to 29,000 (8,840 meters) and its gauge mode includes a stopwatch and resettable average depth function. The Kaon has an ultra-dependable ceramic pressure sensors and a depth rating of 660 (200 meters). The Keon comes with a bungee & stretchy strap for mounting. The computer is compatible with PC or Mac for downloading, uploading and logging dives. The Liquivision Kaon s exceptional readability of an OLED screen, has display angle that faces towards the diver with large fonts for ease of reading. The computer can be set for imperial or metric measurements, fresh or salt water diving, provides the time date and year and time can be set in a 12 or 24 hour format. Included with the computer are disposable batteries, spare O-rings additional pack of disposable batteries, enlightened charger kit, PC interface, screen protector and an owner s manual.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(604) 299-0167

Liquivision Kaon Dive Computer with Charger Kit Features

  • Liquivision Kaon Air & Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Three Modes Computer: Recreational, Technical and Gauge
  • Maximum Readability, Ergonomic Comfort
  • Patented Tap-Interface
  • Bright Full-Color OLED Display
  • Disposable 3.6 Volt, ER17335M User-Replaceable Battery (included)
  • 2-Mounting Options: High Quality Strap or Bungee-Cord
  • Algorithm: Buhlmann ZH-L16C
  • Maximum Depth Rating: 660' (200 meters)
  • Optional Gradient Factors, Gauge Mode
  • OLED Screen is Readable in Complete Darkness
  • Imperial/Metric Settings
  • 3 Gases (air and nitrox 21-100%)
  • Built-In Dive Planner and Dive Simulator
  • Dive Logging
  • Dive Time and Visual Alarms
  • Ultra-Dependable Ceramic Pressure Sensors
  • Visual Indicators of CNS and N2
  • Operational from Sea Level to 29,000' (8,840 meters)
  • Gauge Mode Includes: Stopwatch &Resettable Average Depth Function
  • Compatible with PC or Mac for Downloading, Uploading and Logging Dives
  • Screen: Large Fonts for Ease of Reading
  • Fresh or Salt Water Diving Selectable
  • Time Date and Year
  • 12 or 24 Hour Format
  • Includes:
    Disposable Batteries
    Spare O-Rings, Additional Pack of Disposable Batteries, Enlightened Charger Kit, PC Interface, Screen Protector, Owner's Manual

Liquivision Kaon Dive Computer with Charger Kit Specifications

Buhlmann ZH-L16C
Fresh/Salt Water
Depth Display
660' (200 meters)
Altitude Adjustable
Yes, 29,000' (8,840 meters)
Operating Modes
Air, NITROX and Gauge
Time, Date & Temperature
Imperial/Metric Display
3.6 Volt, ER17335M Battery (included)
Weight [with packaging]
0.01 lb
Mfr #
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