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About Kemp 50" (127 cm) Rescue Tube

Kemp 50 in. Rescue Tube
The Kemp 50 in. Rescue Tube is ideal for use in swimming pools, water parks, and during Guard Training. This tube has been hand dipped in Vinyl three times to ensure rugged strength and long-lasting durability. Rounded edges prevent cracking and peeling to extend the life of this tube. Additionally, this tube has been made using a high quality closed cell foam, which ensures that it is resistant to any kind of erosion. It has a shoulder strap which can be adjusted for your convenience and comfort. The dimensions of this tube are 50 in. x 6 in. x 3.5 in., and it weighs just 5 lbs., so you can carry it around whenever you are heading out for some fun in the water. The Kemp 50 in. Rescue Tube proves to be a handy item whenever you have some thrilling water sports planned.

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