JBL Fixed Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) 4" Wingspan Spear Point 7mm

JBL Fixed Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) 4" Wingspan Spear Point 7mm Features

What's in the box: Fixed Tri-Cut Spear Tip

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Constructed of rugged stainless steel, JBL's fixed Spear points are a perfect blend of durability and performance. Each point is designed for low maintenance, dependability and most important results. Whatever points you choose if it's from JBL you know you're getting your money's worth. This Fixed Bullet-Nose 4" (102 mm) wing span hardens spring stainless steel point maintains excellent cutting edge for extra easy penetration.

Point is mounted on a fixed bushing and its 3/8" (9.5 mm) profile opens a large hole for easy passage of barbs through the fish. Wing retainer allows for easy removal of fish. For all sizes of fish, economical multi-purpose point comes in both 6 mm or 7 mm thread size.

One reason why the JBL Fixed Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) 4" Wingspan Spear Point is popular is because of its Easy To Use.

Key Features

  • JBL Fixed Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) 4" (102 mm) Wingspan Spear Point
  • For All Size Fish
  • 4" (102 mm) Wing Span
  • 6 or 7 mm Thread Size
  • 17-4 Hardened Spring Stainless Steel Point
  • Maintains Excellent Cutting Edge for Penetration Power
  • Standard 3/8" (9.5 mm) Profile Opens Larger Hole for Easy Passage of Barbs through Fish
  • Optimal Use: Open Water, Reefs and Rocks
  • Wing Retainer Allows for Easy Removal from Fish
  • Point Type: Fixed Bullet-Nose
  • Ring Retainer: Yes, Sliding