JBL Euro Woody Speargun 110cm

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JBL Euro Woody Speargun 110cm Features

What's in the box: Euro Woody Speargun 110 ,Shaft 750SBE,2 126E Bands

The Euro so accurate, all you have to do is point, pull the trigger, and collect your catch. We have found the perfect mix of power, weight, and balance topped off by our legendary three piece M8 trigger mechanism and ergonomically designed polymer handle. It features 9/32Inches heat treated stainless steel shafts and two 11/16Inches oversized bands.

Key Features

  • Featuring M-8 trigger.
  • Solid African Red Mohogany.
  • 11/16" slings.
  • 9/32" spring steel shaft.
  • Total length: 47".

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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