JBL Shock Line for Elite Spear Guns

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  • Helps absorb recoil and pull of shaft & fish
  • Keeps spear shaft attached to speargun
  • Extra durable braided Spectra cord
  • Surgical rubber tubing bungee
  • Fits JBL Elite spearguns
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About JBL Shock Line for Elite Spear Guns

Sometimes we miss a fish or we shoot a large fish and the recoil or pull of the animal can pull the gun out of your grip, which ever the case make sure you always use a gun equipped with a shock line. JBL's Shock Line for Elite Series Spear Guns will absorb that pull or recoil that is felt when shooting and spearing a large fish. Shock Line also secures the spear shaft to the gun preventing spear lose.

Shock Line is made of strong and durable braided Spectra Cord assuring you that your spear shaft won't break loose or shock line will not snap when a fish is on your spear shaft. Some of the Shock Line is coiled inside a length of surgical tubing crimped to the line providing a shock absorption bungee effect relieving strain from a fighting fish. The Elite Shock Line is also equipped with a swivel. Shock Line is 17' (5.2 meters) long and makes a great Save-A-Dive Kit Item.

JBL Shock Line for Elite Spear Guns Features

  • JBL Shock Line
  • Fits JBL Elite Spear Guns
  • Absorbs Recoil and Pull of Shaft and Fish
  • Keeps Spear Shaft Attached to Spear Gun
  • Durable Braided Spectra Cord
  • Surgical Rubber Tubing Bungee for Shock Absorption
  • Length 17' (5.2 meters)
  • Includes: Swivel, Mono and Crimp
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
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