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JBL Magnum 450 XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D50XHD)

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About JBL Magnum 450 XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D50XHD)


Manufactured in the JBL Oceanside California Factory for maximum quality control and craftsmanship. Magnum XHD* XHD stands for Extra Heavy Duty and JBL means it. Thicker aerospace aluminum extruded alloy barrel, 5/16Ûhardened stainless steel trigger mechanism, carbide tipped and is equipped with 5/8" (16 mm) Nitro Hi-Mod bands that feature stainless wire wishbones. The XHD is the gun of choice for commercial and hard-core shooters; to these guys it's a tool not a toy. Three bands and a heavy shaft will punch through just about any fish, which is why the Shark Research Institute depends on the XHD for tough jobs like radio tagging 40' (12 meter) whale sharks. Go big, go XHD. XHD Guns are nearly identical to the Magnum guns, but more rugged, and longer lasting. Using more heat-treated steel and more powerful slings, these guns provide longevity and power in one.

The Magnum XHD comes with a 56" x 5/16" (142.25 cm x 8 mm) shaft which is made from 17-4 spring stainless, heat treated for maximum hardness, which virtually eliminating shaft flex. The shaft is equipped with JBL's JBL823 Break-Away Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) Spear Point. Designed for large powerful fish this breakaway has a 4" (102 mm) wingspan and its 3/8" (9.5 mm) standard profile opens a large hole for easy passage of barbs through the fish, one shot is all you will ever need with this tip. Tip is hardened 17-4 stainless and features a multi-braid stainless cable in 3/32" (2.38 mm) diameters.

This tips detachable bushing and cable hangs on no matter how hard the fight while minimizing damage to your spear shaft. The low-profile, double barbed design allows for pinpoint accuracy and dependable deployment. Wing retainer allows for easy removal from the fish. Don't trust a once in a lifetime fish to anything else. Tip is standard with most Magnum model spear guns and is for medium to large fish.

The shaft is propelled by three Nitro 5/8" x 30" (16 mm x 762 mm) slings. JBL's unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process delivers radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for optimum performance. Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful U.V. rays, prolonging sling life. Wishbones are 302 stainless wires that provide superior strength and durability. The spear gun has a 63" (160 cm) length with a reach of 27' (8.23 meters) and is positively buoyant.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


JBL Magnum 450 XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D50XHD) Features

  • JBL Magnum 450 XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D50XHD):
  • Made for People Who Require More Power!
  • XHD Stands for Extra Heavy Duty and JBL Means It
  • Manufactured in JBL Oceanside California Factory
  • Maximum Quality Control and Craftsmanship
  • Thicker Aerospace Aluminum Extruded Alloy Barrel
  • Barrel Finish: Black Anodized
  • 5/16" Hardened Stainless Steel Trigger Mechanism, Carbide Tipped
  • Gun of Choice for Commercial and Hard-Core Shooters
  • To These Guys It's a Tool Not a Toy!
  • 3-Bands and Heavy Shaft: Punches Thru-Just-About-Any-Fish
  • Shark Research Institute:
    Depends on XHD for Tough Jobs:
    Radio Tagging 40' (12 meter) Whale Sharks
  • Go Big, Go XHD
  • XHD Guns Nearly Identical to Magnum Guns:
    More Rugged, and Longer Lasting
    Using More Heat-Treated Steel
    More Powerful Slings
    XHD Guns Provide Longevity and Power in One
  • Trigger Housing: Aircraft Quality Aluminum
    Anodized and Finished w/Epoxy System
    Double Protection
    One Hand Safety & Trigger Operation
  • Extra Long Shock Absorber Shock Line
  • Hardened 17-4 Spring Stainless Steel Shafts:
    56" x 5/16" (142.25 cm x 8 mm) Heat Treated Stainless Steel Shafts
    Corrosion Resistant 17-4 (spring) Stainless
  • Shaft:
    Hand-Tuned for Alignment then Heat-Treated for Maximum Hardness
    Reduce-Flex and Provide Optimum Energy Transfer
  • JBL Break-Away Bullet-Nose (Tri-Cut) Spear Point:
    4" (102 mm) Wingspan
    For Medium to Large Fish
    17-4 Hardened Spring Stainless Steel Point
    Maintains Excellent Cutting Edge for Penetration Power
    Standard 3/8" (9.5 mm) Profile Opens Larger Hole for Easy Passage of Barbs through Fish
    Wing Retainer Allows for Easy
  • Slings:
    Unique Latex Formula
    302 Stainless Steel Wishbone
    Special Anti-Oxidants Protect from UV
    Durable Long Life Design
    5/8" Diameter x 30" (16 mm x 762 mm) Length
  • Gun Overall Length: 63" (160 cm)
  • Reach: 27' (8.23 meters)
  • Floatation: Positively Buoyant

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Great Gun!!! A must for any hunter!!!


This gun is great, it is supposed to reach 35'range, and it does it. With this baby you can reach out and get them. Is a little hard to use at the beginning due to its size, the great thing about it is that it has a green sight at the muzzle that is very helpful when pointing at your pray. If you have the money, don't think it twice!!! Get it!!!


Excellent gun for experienced spearos


I use this gun for Amberjack around oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Its not for the inexperienced diver because its tough to re-load underwater. It most certainly gets the job done on any fish you may encounter. It is also very durable and well made.


I would buy this product again


It's my first experience buying from Leisure Pro and the service and delivery were excelent.


Great gun!


I have to say I like this gun but my friends do not. Be ready to because this is a real gun. If you play with this gun and dont hold it, it will knock your teeth out. Most people shoot toys but with this thing I can reach out and get em!

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Questions about this item:

Jordan V  can you add a reel to this gun?
Frank L  Yes, JBL makes a reel with an adapter that attaches to any of their spearguns. However, we do not carry that item.
Jordan V  I'm deciding between the gulf magnum xhd and this gun. I got into spearfishing a year ago and am using a simple 80 cm gun right now. Im 17 and have long arms with good upper body strength. Do you think someone like me would be able to pull the slings all the way back while in the open water?
SAMUEL F  This is a great gun, it has it's pros and cons. The good thing about it is that is very accurate and has a long range. Cons, is NOT for reef, this is a blue water gun and is not good for shore or reef fishing. I have a gulf magnum witch I use for reef and is very good. Another bad thing about the aluminum guns is that are way too noisy, if you are new to the sport go for a woody in a medium size. But the gulf magnum is awesome for overall hunting. If you're looking for a blue water (big fish) gun in a budget, the 450 xhd is a great choice.
GREGORY B  Yes, however I found this gun to be a huge overkill. Way too much power and length for anything you would fish.
DAVID G  Sounds like you are still growing. If you have trouble with it you can put a little longer bands on it to make it easier now and go back to the originals later. It is a great open water gun. I bought this for my adult son with a lot of experience. I have used sawed off magnums since they were made by voit and love them with a triple band setup. Any of the xhd guns in this range are great and easy to get parts for.
SETH J  Hello Jordan, This gun is long and does take strength to load all bands. However, I am 6'2", 39 years old and am not nearly in shape as I was when I was 17 and I can load this gun without problem. I do have long arms and that is very necessary. You will have to find a comfortable body angle to put the "butt" of the gun in/on to be able to reach out to the bands and still be able to load them on the spear. I think this is a great gun for long range big fish. However, if you have the $, I would look at a wood gun, longer lasting. All the best, Seth
DAVID S  Hi Jordan, Yes you should be able to load the gulf magnum. There is a video on youtube if you google "how to load speargun in water" by MirzaSpearfisher that shows how to load. Load bands in order from short to long
LANCE B  i am 6'1". the slings are not hard to pull back on the jbl. it is a long gun and hard to move in the water. i used mine 1 time and went to the riffe guns. if you want to try out the gulf magnum, let me know. i will be more than happy to sell mine. i have 2 other guns and do not use the jbl. you can contact me for more info @ lance.breaux@yahoo
SAM H  The heavy bands that come on the gun are quite a pull. However if they are too hard you can go to a thinner band without losing much effectiveness. I also recommend a longer spear line as i have 3 wraps and have shot big fish as much as 18 ft away. I love the gun. Sam H
BENJAMIN K  Hola Jordan I have both guns. Between the two, my advice is go for the Magnum 450 xhd. (My Magnum 450 xhd has become one of my most often used guns, and the smaller gulf magnum xhd has been relegated to a back-up gun for guests who visit.) You'll be fine loading the 450. It's just technique. I'm one of those crazy CrossFit guys and in pretty great shape, but my spearfishing buddy (although an amazing spearo and freediver) is decidedly not a strong guy. (Sorry, Amigo) :) Anyway, he uses a magnum 450 xhd almost exclusively, loves it, and loads it just fine. Hope that helps!
KEVIN G  Yes. I'm 46, not as strong as I used to be. The 3rd one is a bitch but... if I can do it you can do it! This is a great gun at a great price. Power and accuracy in open water. I have shot mahi and wahoo over 30lbs. I use a float system in case I hit something big and have to chase it down in the boat, but never had to do so yet.
Danny D  Jordan it is extremely difficult at the beginning but I am sure you can do it.
MEDICAL S  Hey Jordan: I use both Gulf Magnum and Magnum XHD. Both have good penetrating power. Because slings for XHD are longer, the effort required for loading either gun is about the same. Loading is a technique which is, if done properly, will enable you to load any gun. I actually use a shorter sling on XHD to give me a bit more power. The difference between the two guns is the reach and speed of turning. As a longer gun, XHD will have a further reach, but it takes a bit longer and more effort to swing into position especially when hunting in a current. I would recommend starting with Gulf Magnum. It will work very well for small to medium size fish and if you are just starting out, medium is big enough. I taken fish up to 80lbs with gulf magnum. Hope this helps. Good luck, have fun and be safe.
Ariel r  how long is this gun??
RANDALL L  6' long,,, great gun for open water, better man up to pull slings back
MANUEL H  The spear itself is very heavy and when released form the gun to get maximum penetration it is best to use all three bands. I have used 2 bands and I found that it is only effective at about 15ft, the path of the spear begins to arc downward very rapidly with 2 bands. I do LOVE this gun and it packs quite a punch. I recommend shooting the gun a few times (under water) so that you become accustomed to the kick back. Watch your face. lol And I am sorry Kevin you are correct, with the break away tip the length of the gun is 6ft.
MANUEL H  5.5 ft. from the butt to the spear tip. 68in.
KEVIN G  Friggin LONG! It's awesome. Loaded(butt to tip) - It';s about 2" taller then I am. I'm 5'-10, so I'd say an even 6', give or take a 1/2". This is a heavy duty gun. I had a "Sawed-off magnum" and friends with magnums but this one is way above the standard JBL Magnum family construction. I've not had a chance to fire it, and will not do so until I see something worth shooting...in open ocean only. This is not a reef gun.
MEDICAL S  Ariel: This gun is best suited for people who are 5'10" or taller. You need to have pretty good upper body strength to load. I would recommend using this gun with two wraps instead of factory's three.
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