JBL Magnum HI Two Sling Speargun 75" (4D46H)


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About JBL Magnum HI Two Sling Speargun 75" (4D46H)

The spear gun design that started it all, the JBL Magnum series of guns is probably responsible for more speared fish than all otherspear guns combined It's no wonder; as this durable and accurate workhorse features a 1 1/4" drawn alloy barrel, hardened stainlesstrigger, shaft and point Handles are constructed of two-piece cast aluminum providing strength and ease of maintenance The Magnum series features two or three 9/16" Hi-Mod bands with stainless wire wishbones Tried and trusted, this is one hunting buddy you'll be glad to share a secret spot with These guns are most suitable for spear fishing among reefs and rocks where heavy penetration isneeded but range is not critical The Sawed-Off Magnum is used for both reef and rock fishing and for long range and heavy penetration The combination of shaft length and the 9" long butt extension make the gun easier to load

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Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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JBL Magnum HI Two Sling Speargun 75" (4D46H) Features

  • Hardened spring stainless steel shafts, triggers & sears.
  • Hardened spring stainless steel spearpoint on most models.
  • Handles made of aircraft quality aluminum, anodized and finished with an epoxy system for double protection.
  • One-hand safety & trigger operation.
  • Shock absorber shock line.
  • Exclusive JBL tru-glide system.
  • Totally made in the USA.

JBL Magnum HI Two Sling Speargun 75" (4D46H) Specifications

Total Length
68 Inches. (1.6 Meters)
Shaft Length
60 Inches. With Point And Wing
Sling Length
24 Inches
Shaft Diameter
Sling Diameter
Number Of Slings
2 Black 9/16" Diameter X 24"
3" Barb On Shaft
25 Feet.
Mfr #
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