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JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD)

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About JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD)


Manufactured in the JBL Oceanside California Factory for maximum quality control and craftsmanship. 38-Special XHD* XHD stands for Extra Heavy Duty and JBL means it. Thicker aerospace aluminum extruded alloy barrel, 5/16Ûhardened stainless steel trigger mechanism, carbide tipped and is equipped with 5/8" (16 mm) Nitro Hi-Mod bands that feature stainless wire wishbones. The XHD is the gun of choice for commercial and hard-core shooters; to these guys it's a tool not a toy. Three bands and a heavy shaft will punch through just about any fish, which is why the Shark Research Institute depends on the XHD for tough jobs like radio tagging 40' (12 meter) whale sharks. Go big, go XHD. XHD Guns are nearly identical to the Magnum guns, but more rugged, and longer lasting. Using more heat-treated steel and more powerful slings, these guns provide longevity and power in one.

The 38-Special XHD comes with a 28" x 5/16" (71 cm x 8 mm) shaft which is made from 17-4 spring stainless, heat treated for maximum hardness, which virtually eliminating shaft flex. The shaft is equipped with JBL's JBL843 Rotating Rock Point Tip. Let's get right to the point, these tips are designed to punch through even the toughest fish, penetrating thick skin and hard bone. Constructed of hardened 17-4 stainless with a razor-sharp finish they'll make short work of just about any game fish. Low-profile, stainless wings are quickly deployed and angled to grab tight and hold on. Sliding wing retainer allows for easy removal of fish.

JBL's patented (#4685239) rotating design allows for 360°-degree spin, providing greater holding power and minimizing the chance of your point unthreading from the shaft because of a fish "rolling" in battle. With the 2-5/8" (67 mm) wing span and 3/8" (9.5 mm) standard profile opens a large hole for easy passage of barbs through the fish, one shot is all you will ever need with this tip. Designed to perform even after impact on rock and reef, the JBL843 is a durable workhorse. Machined rock point is the quickest way to put fish on the deck. This tip is ideal for medium to large fish in open water or around rocks and reefs.

The shaft is propelled by three Nitro 5/8" x 16" (16 mm x 406 mm) slings. JBL's unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process delivers radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for optimum performance. Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful U.V. rays, prolonging sling life. Wishbones are 302 stainless wires that provide superior strength and durability. The spear gun has a 36" (91.5 cm) length with a reach of 14' (4.27 meters) and is negatively buoyant.

The JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD) is commonly used for Close To Shore, Open Water and more. The JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD) is popular because customers like the following qualities of the JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD): Accurate, Durable, Fast, Good Range.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


JBL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD) Features

  • BL 38-SPECIAL XHD Triple Sling Spear Gun (4D38XHD):
  • Made for People Who Require More Power!
  • XHD Stands for Extra Heavy Duty and JBL Means It
  • Manufactured in JBL Oceanside California Factory
  • Maximum Quality Control and Craftsmanship
  • Thicker Aerospace Aluminum Extruded Alloy Barrel
  • Barrel Finish: Black Anodized
  • 5/16" Hardened Stainless Steel Trigger Mechanism, Carbide Tipped
  • Gun of Choice for Commercial and Hard-Core Shooters
  • To These Guys It's a Tool Not a Toy!
  • 3-Bands and Heavy Shaft: Punches Thru-Just-About-Any-Fish
  • Shark Research Institute:
    Depends on XHD for Tough Jobs:
    Radio Tagging 40' (12 meter) Whale Sharks
  • Go Big, Go XHD
  • XHD Guns Nearly Identical to Magnum Guns:
    More Rugged, and Longer Lasting
    Using More Heat-Treated Steel
    More Powerful Slings
    XHD Guns Provide Longevity and Power in One
  • Trigger Housing: Aircraft Quality Aluminum
    Anodized and Finished w/Epoxy System
    Double Protection
    One Hand Safety & Trigger Operation
  • Extra Long Shock Absorber Shock Line
  • Hardened 17-4 Spring Stainless Steel Shafts:
    28" x 5/16" (71 cm x 8 mm) Heat Treated Stainless Steel Shafts
    Corrosion Resistant 17-4 (spring) Stainless
  • Shaft:
    Hand-Tuned for Alignment then Heat-Treated for Maximum Hardness
    Reduce-Flex and Provide Optimum Energy Transfer
  • JBL Rotating Rock Point:
    2-5/8" (67 mm) Wingspan Spear Point
    For Small to Medium Fish
    17-4 Hardened Spring Stainless Steel Point
    Maintains Excellent Cutting Edge for Penetration Power
    Standard 3/8" (9.5 mm) Profile
    Opens Larger Hole for Easy Passage of Barbs Thru Fish
    Wing Retainer Allows for Easy Removal
  • Slings:
    Unique Latex Formula
    302 Stainless Steel Wishbone
    Special Anti-Oxidants Protect from UV
    Durable Long Life Design
    5/8" Diameter x 16" (16 mm x 406 mm) Length
  • Gun Overall Length: 36" (91.5 cm)
  • Reach: 14' (4.27 meters)
  • Floatation: Negatively Buoyant

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Most Liked Positive Review


Just what it's supposed to do

Develops a lot of power and is very quick. The power does present some problems in and around wreck structure, tends to actually penitrate thin and corroded metal. If used in really close quarters, recommend using a 2 sling.


Most Liked Negative Review


3 Band, but only 2 Notches on shaft????

Never responded to me after I called them about it. I am contacting JBL myself. Good first gun, shaft is heavy duty - liked that. The range is close, but you work at it and you will get some fish for sure. I will get a longer spear gun for my next one - more distance from the fish would help. Used this in Maui for VC, we go often.

Reviewed by 11 customers

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3 Band, but only 2 Notches on shaft????


from Tucson, AZ, US

Never responded to me after I called them about it. I am contacting JBL myself. Good first gun, shaft is heavy duty - liked that. The range is close, but you work at it and you will get some fish for sure. I will get a longer spear gun for my next one - more distance from the fish would help. Used this in Maui for VC, we go often.


No Fish To Big


from Bonney Lake, WA, US

This gun has power. In the pacific northwest, we shoot at some hardy fish, and this gun will put a spear right through the skull plate of a cabazon.


Jbl 38 special


from Ny, NY, US

I've had this gun for 8 years and it still works flawlessly. The ultimate black fish gun.


the perfect gun for the Northwest.


from Port Orford, OR, US

Visibility here on a good day is 25 feet and an average day 10 to 15 feet. Ling Cod have a very tough gill plate and even with 2 bands this gun works great. Really like this gun but it does not float. My first one got dropped overboard and went right to the bottom. Spear shafts are fragile at the base of the threads so carry a spare.




I wanted a gun that had power, small in size and not clumbersome to handle underwater.

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Questions & Answers Powered by TurnTo®

Questions about this item:

Kayak J  I need to order new bands. What sizes are the 38 special?
LEWIS H  16" × 5/8"
MARK H  Three 16" x 5/8” oversized bands (316)
Sam S  Standard replacement bands for the 38 Special are 9/16" x 16" part number 216 Replacement bands for the 38 Special XHD are 5/8" x 16" part number 316
Shopper  Y cant u?or y should u not shoot out of water?
NORBERT K  Your kidding? Shooting out of water is just dumb. It doesn't help your shooting in the water. If you must, then make sure to not have the cord attached. Duh! Just not a good idea, unless your making a crazy youtube video.
JOHNTHON P  This gun is designed to shoot a specific distance under water. This accuracy of the gun is designed to shoot under water also. Why would you be shooting the gun out of water?
JEFF M  It is unsafe The shock cord could break or the spear could come back at you without the friction of water. The gun is powerful and could injure someone. Be responsible if you are going to purchase one.
PAUL B  Seriously? What are you, 10 years old? A spear gun is dangerous weapon. The spear is designed to travel relatively short distances through water. Even with the drag of the water, it has enough power impale pretty big fish. Only a MORON would consider shooting a spear gun out of the water.
MICAH B  The first time I tried it I almost lost my front teeth. There is a huge recoil on it out of water. Also it will hit the end of the line and can fly back towards you. Finally with the line disconnected it still fires only about 30 feet and is very unpredictable. Definitely not a bow and arrow....its a bad idea.
Shopper  How easy is the black paint to chip? Also if you only load say one band does it interfere with the other two when shot
REBECCA M  The paint does not chip. The JBL 38 has three bands, the more bands you pull back the more power the gun has. I base this on the size fish and distance from the fish I am trying to shoot. The bands do not interfere with each other.
CATHERINE B  Have only used it a couple of times but the paint seems to stick just fine. I have only shot it with one band and it works great with plenty of power.
ANDREW P  Hi, The black hasn't chipped on mine in 50+ dives. The bands are definitely more powerful than a regular 38. As with all jbls, the bands are stacked so you can use 1,2, or all three. I usually only go with 2 bands as I'm pretty sure 3 would punch a hole in time. -anp
BENJAMIN G  The gun holds up to abuse pretty well and no if you only load one band the other two will not interfere. In all honesty I almost never used the 3rd band, you could just take it off. A solid gun for shorter distances and smaller fish I have enjoyed it. One thing to recognize is that being metal it always wants to sink so you may think about some sort of tethering system either to a float or your weight belt.
DENNIS R  I havent chipped the paint yet...I've owned it over a year now and shooting with one band hasn't seemed to interfere with the others.....here on the California coast we reduce to one band for shootin rubberlips so you don't obliterate them or lodge the speer in something cause they are close shot.
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