JBL 5/8" X 32" Sling

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JBL 5/8" X 32" Sling Features

What's in the box: JBL 5/8" X 32" (16mm x 813mm) Sling

JBL's unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process delivers radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for optimum performance. Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful U.V. rays, prolonging sling life. Wishbones are Kevlar Spectra Cord that provides superior strength and durability, 5/8" diameter X 32" (16 mm x 810 mm) long. Sling is for JBL6W450E Spear Gun. Sling makes a great Save-A-Dive Kit item.

Key Features

  • JBL Elite Sling
  • Unique Latex Formula
  • Kevlar Spectra Cord Wishbone
  • Special Anti-Oxidants Protect from UV
  • Durable Long Life Design
  • 5/8" Diameter x 32" (16 mm x 810 mm) Length
  • Fits JBL6W450E Spear Guns

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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