i-Torch Fish-Lite V24 Video LED Light, 2400 Lumens


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About i-Torch Fish-Lite V24 Video LED Light, 2400 Lumens

The Fish-Lite V24 is the first Video and Photo light in the Fish-Light Brand. Designed to bring Quality, Power, and Functionality to the User at an Economical Price Point, i-Torch feels the V24 does exactly that. Pumping-Out Searing Bright 2400 Lumens and 120° Degree Beam it will perform well for most Mid-Range Video-Applications, and Function very well as a Focus-Light. I-Torch has also included 3-Red LED's so that you can Easily-Sneak-Up on that Reef-Critter for the Perfect-Shot. To Turn-the-Light-On, or Cycle-Modes just Click the Push-Button on the Rear of the Device, No-Twisting required.

Packaged with the V24 is everything required to get you started two-32650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries, YS Mount, and Lanyard. The Light has a Burn Time of 55-Muintes at 100% Power with 6-Modes of 3 in White Light (100, 50, and 25%) and 3 in Red Light (100, 50, and 25%). The V24 use 4 XM-L T6 and 3 XP-E Red Lamps. The Light Body is made from Durable Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum. The Light has a Color Temperature of 5500/6500K and is Waterproof to 330' (100 meters). The V24 also comes with a 2A Battery Charger; Owner's Manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(519) 860-3474

i-Torch Fish-Lite V24 Video LED Light, 2400 Lumens Features

  • First Video and Photo Light in Fish-Light Brand
  • Designed for Quality, Power, and Functionality at Economical Price Point
  • Pumping-Out Searing Bright 2400 Lumens
  • 120° Degree Beam
  • Mid-Range Video-Applications, Function Well as Focus-Light
  • Lamps: 4 XM-L T6 and 3 XP-E Red
  • Color Temperature: 5500/6500K
  • Modes: 100%, 50% and 25%: White or Red
  • 3-Red LED's: Easily-Sneak-Up on Reef-Critter for Perfect-Shot
  • Push-Button Rear Switch
  • Durable Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum
  • Depth Rating: Waterproof to 330' (100 meters)
  • Power: 32650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (includes 2)
  • Burn Time: 55-Muintes at 100% Power
  • 2A Battery Charger
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

i-Torch Fish-Lite V24 Video LED Light, 2400 Lumens Specifications

Anodized Aluminum
4 X Xm-L T6, 3 X Xp-E Red 
Color Temperature
Beam Angle
120° Degrees
1 X 32650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable (Includes 2)
Burn Time
Full Power (100%): 55 Minutes
Depth Rating
330' (100 Meters)
Light Modes
6: White 100\50\25% Red 100\50\25%
Attachment Or Handle
Light Body With Lanyard, Ys Mount
Weight [with packaging]
2 lb
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