i-Torch Gen 1.3 Focus, 1500 Lumens Video Light

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  • Extra bright 1500 lumens video light
  • 100 degree beam angle
  • Fully sealed head unit
  • Aluminum head with a carbon tail
  • 2 hours burn time at maximum brightness
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About i-Torch Gen 1.3 Focus, 1500 Lumens Video Light

Never worry again about Flooding the Expensive part of your Light! The Gen 1.3 has a Fully Sealed Head Unit. This has a few great advantages; for starters you can't flood it! But since the whole unit isn't sealed (head unit only, not battery compartment), you can still change the batteries between dives to make sure you are fully charged and ready to go. If you do manage to let some water in just removed the batteries as quickly as possible (they might not be salvageable) and rinse the battery compartments and terminals with fresh water and let air dry. The other big advantage is travel. Many airlines will not let you take a completely sealed light onboard a plane anymore. With the Gen 1.3 no problem, just remove the batteries.

The i-Torch Gen 1.3 provides 1500 Lumens of Brightness with a Wide Beam Angle of 100° Degrees. I-Torch package the light with 4 x 18650 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries and a Dual Channel Charger so you will have One Set in the Light and a Spare Set Ready-to-Go! The Light has a 2-Hours Burn Time at 1500 Lumens on Full Charge. The i-Torch Gen 1.3 has a Push-Button Switch with 6-Modes: 3 Modes in White Light, 2 Modes in UV Light and an SOS Mode for Signaling.

The i-Torch Gen 1.3's Switch comes equipped with a Battery Indicator so you always know when to Charge the Light. The 1500 Lumens of Brightness is supplied by 6 x CREE XM-L T6 LED's and 2 x Blue LED's The Light Head is made from Durable Aluminum and the Body is Carbon Constructed. Other items included with the Gen 1.3 Focus/Video Light are a YS Mount and an Owner's Manual. Light is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(519) 860-3474

i-Torch Gen 1.3 Focus, 1500 Lumens Video Light Features

  • Fully Sealed Head Unit
  • Lumens: 1500
  • Beam Angle: 100° Degrees
  • Power: 2 x 18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries (includes 4 batteries)
  • Burn Time: 2-Hours Burn Time at 1500 Lumens
  • Switch: Push button with battery indicator
  • Material: Aluminum head, carbon tail
  • Lamps: 6 x XM-L T6, 2 x Blue LED's (UV)
  • 6-Modes: 3 Modes White Light, 2 Modes UV Light and SOS
  • 2A Dual Channel Battery Charger
  • YS Mount
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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