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Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose 44" Black

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About Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose

Phantom Double Braided Hose, the Flexible, Durable, Lightweight Dive Hose that lets you forget it's there!

Tired of the Stiff Rubber Jacket Style Hoses that come with your standard BCD's and Regulators? Want something that won't give you Jaw Fatigue, won't Squirt-Out the Side-of-your-Regulator Bag when you're trying to Zip-it-Up? The Phantom Braided Polyester design results in Lightweight, Pliable Regulator Hoses that provide a much more enjoyable scuba experience and Reduces Jaw Fatigue. They are Durable, Compact and much Easier-to-Pack in a Regulator Bag than a Traditional Rubber Hose.

The Regulator Hoses are rated to 1500 psi (103 bars) Working Pressure with a 6000psi (414 bars) Burst Pressure and have a Standard Chrome Plated Brass 3/8-24 UNF Male and 9/16-18 UNF Female Threaded Ends. Is your Hose too Short-or-Long for your needs? Choose from a 22", 26", 30", 32" 36", 40", 44", 48", 60" and 84" (55.9 cm, 66 cm, 76.2 cm, 81.3 cm, 91.4 cm, 101.6 cm, 121.9 cm, 152.4 cm and 213.4 cm) lengths.

The Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Cold Water, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced among others. The Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Phantom Standard 3/8 LP Regulator Hose: Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Lightweight, Solid Construction.

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