BladeFish 12V Boat and Car Charger

BladeFish 12V Boat and Car Charger

BladeFish 12V Boat and Car Charger Features

Your Bladefish Scooter is one of the greatest investment you have made in Scuba in a long time portable, easy to handle, fast recharge time, fits in you gear bag WOW! It would be great if you could recharge it on the go When you at the beach or on a boat Well Bladefish knows how much you want to use your Scooter so they have made it that much easier

Boat and Car Charger comes with plug-in for your Bladefish battery and adapter to plug into your electrical accessory (cigarette lighter) outlet on your car orboat This 12 Volt auto DC power adapter will charge your Bladefish while you are out diving allowing you to get back in the water faster to enjoy your Bladefish Scooter

Key Features

  • Increased Portability of Bladefish
  • Allows Charging of Bladefish from Boat or Car
  • 12 Volt Auto DC Adapter
  • Plug-Ins for Battery and Electrical Accessory Outlet of Boat or Car

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 6 months.
(719) 597-2885

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