BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter

BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter Features

What's in the box: DVP, Battery Charger and Carry/Storage Bag

The BladeFish underwater scooter 5000 is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming The innovative, compact design of the Blade Fish Sea Scooter 5000 allows for high power and long run time while only weighing about 10lbs with dimensions of about 15"x15"x6" But don't let its small size fool you! The BladeFish can get up to 3 75 mph and has a run time up to 2 hours Also, becausethe BladeFish underwater scooter uses state of the art Lithium Ion batteries, a discharged Blade Fish can be charged and ready to go in about 2 hours minimizingany down time Also, due to the BladeFish 5000's extraordinary portability, carrying it to your favorite dive spot is a breeze and packing it in your luggage has never been easier

The BladeFish 5000 DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle) comes equipped with computer controlled circuitry, double seals and battery life meter Speed Rating: 3 75 MPH, Depth rating: 130 ft , Run Time 70-120 min , Weight: 10 2 lbs , Charge Time2-4 hours The BladeFish 5000 sea scooter also includes durable carry/storage bag and charger

- Run Time: 70-120 minutes
- Max Speed: 3 75 MPH
- Number of Speeds: 3
- Weight: 10 2 lbs
- Max Depth: 130' (tested to 160')
- Dimensions: 15" x 14" x 6"
- Charging Time: Ready to Go Charge: 2 hr, Standard Charge: 4 hr
- Buoyancy: Near Neutral

Click here to download the Bladefish Familiarization & Warning Checklist

One reason why the BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter is popular is because of its Lightweight.

Key Features

  • Ultimate DPV
  • Great for Scuba Snorkeling, Swimming and Backyard Pool Fun
  • Compact, Streamline and Lightweight
  • Fits in Carry-On Luggage
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Re-Charges in Two Hours
  • 130' (40 meters) Rating
  • Computer Control Circuitry

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 6 months.
(719) 597-2885