Irikonji Classic Dive Shorts, Black

Irikonji Classic Dive Shorts, Black Features

What's in the box: Pair of Irikonji Classic Dive Shorts

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If you're Carrying Any-Gear with you On-a-Dive, like Shears, Spools, a Signal Marker Buoy (SMB), a Back-Up Light or Mask, you need to have that equipment at hand and ready to deploy whenever you need it. If you've started Diving a Back-Plate and Wing System or Dive a Side-Mount Configuration, you already know how important it is to have Pockets for your Stuff. Irikonji Dive Shorts were developed by SCUBA Divers, for SCUBA Divers. Unlike Glue-On Pockets, BC Pockets, Thigh Rigs, or Neoprene Pocket Shorts, Irikonji Dive Shorts are built using only the Strongest-Materials and Construction Techniques Available.

Irikonji Dive Shorts Put-Your-Gear where You-Need-It - not on the side of your leg like Dry Suit Pockets do - but Offset on the Front Thigh so there's No-Interference with a Side-Mount Configuration. And your Gear is Completely-Secure because Irikonji uses an Industrial-Grade of Hook-and-Loop on all of the Pockets. You'll also notice small design details that make a big difference, like having the Loop on the Pocket Flap so your Wetsuit doesn't Snag on the Hook Material when you Reach-Inside your Pocket, Polymer D-Rings inside and 4-Grommets at the Bottom-of-Every-Pocket, and being able to Tuck-any-Excess Belt Webbing Inside your Waistband. The Rugged 420 Denier Nylon Shell Survives-Serious-Abuse and the Smooth-Nylon Liner Slides Easily-Over Dry Suits and Wetsuits (or birthday suits) with Ease. The Irikonji Shorts have an Upgraded Drawstring to a Nylon Belt with Squeeze-Style" Side Release Buckle that provides Easier Donning and Doffing.

The Shorts have 7 Cargo Pockets with a Storage Capacity 274.6 cubic inches (4,500 cubic cm). The Front Right Shear Pocket measures 7.48" x 5.9" x 1" (19cm x 15cm x 2.5cm), the Front Left Leg Utility Pocket measures 7.87" x 7.1" x 1.57" (20cm x 18cm x 4cm), the Rear Pockets (2x) measure 5.5" x 5.5" x 2" (14cm x 14cm x 5cm), Left Leg Flashlight SMB Pocket measures 7.87" x 3.54" x 1.57" (20cm x 9cm x 4cm) and there are two standard Slit Side Pockets. Shorts have Anti-Chafing Synthetic Elastic Material on the Back of the Legs and Inseams for Added-Comfort. These Fast Drying Shorts are available in Multiple Sizes are Designed and Manufactured in the USA and are Black in Color.

Key Features

  • Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA
  • Shell Material: 100% 420-Denier Nylon
  • Inside Liner Material: 100% Nylon
  • Shell Dry Time (moderate humidity): 30 minutes
  • Storage Capacity: Over 274.6 cubic inches (4,500 cubic cm)
  • Cargo Pockets: 7
  • Drainage System: 4 Grommets per Bellows Pocket
  • Pocket Flap Fastener System: Hook and Loop
  • Integrated Waist Belt: Nylon Webbing with Squeeze-Style" Side Release Buckle
  • Pocket Dimensions:
    Front Right Shear Pocket: 7.48" x 5.9" x 1" (19cm x 15cm x 2.5cm)
    Rear Pockets (2x) 5.5" x 5.5" x 2" (14cm x 14cm x 5cm)
    Left Leg Flashlight SMB Pocket 7.87" x 3.54" x 1.57" (20cm x 9cm x 4cm)
    Two Standard Slit Side Pockets
  • Anti-Chafing Synthetic Elastic Material: Back of Legs & Inseams, Add Comfort
  • D-Rings Inside Cargo Pockets: Polymer
  • D-Ring Webbing Inside Cargo Pockets: Nylon
  • Color: Black