Intova Underwater Wide Angle Lens (46 mm & 52 mm Adapters)


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About Intova Underwater Wide Angle Lens (46 mm & 52 mm Adapters)

Perfect for shooting seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources. It enables you to get closer to your subject while still fitting everything in-frame. This cuts down on distortion caused by the water and particles in between your lens and your subject, eliminating much of what photographers call scatter", providing you with enhanced image quality.

Expand your photo taking possibilities with the new Intova wide angle lens that can be installed and removed underwater. The updated wide angle lens features glass optics designed in Japan. A much wider rear lens and inclusion of 46 mm and 52 mm thread mount adapters makes this a universal lens that will fit Intova waterproof housings and other camera makes that have either 46 mm, 52 mm or 67 mm thread mounts.

Lens has 2 Groups and 2 Element Optics and an corrosion resistant Aluminum Alloy Barrel. The Intova Wide Angle Lens gives a Magnification of 0.65% with a Viewing Angle of 75 degrees underwater and 87 degrees on land. Wide Angle Lens measures 3.34" x 1.57" (8.7 x 4 cm) with adapter and 3.43" x 1.4" (8.7 x 3.6 cm) w/o adapter. Lens weighs 12.35 oz (350 g) and is Depth Rated to 165' (50 meters). Lens also comes with protective bag and rear cover.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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Intova Underwater Wide Angle Lens (46 mm & 52 mm Adapters) Features

  • Intova Underwater Wide Angle Lens
  • Get Closer to Subject While Still Fitting Everything In-Frame
  • Reduces Distortion from "Scatter"
  • Perfect for Shooting Seascape, Divers, Ship Wrecks and Schools of Fish
  • Optical Glass from Japan
  • 2 Groups/2 Elements
  • Magnification: 0.65%
  • Viewing Angle: 75 Degrees Underwater, 87 Degrees on Land
  • Expands your Photo Taking Possibilities
  • 67 mm Thread Mount
  • Includes 46 mm, 52 mm Adapters
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy Barrel
  • Depth Rating: 165' (50 meters)
  • Dimensions: 3.43" x 1.57" (8.7 x 4 cm) with Adapter
  • Dimensions: 3.43" x 1.4" (8.7 x 3.6 cm) w/o Adapter
  • Weight: 12.35 oz (350 g)
  • Comes with Protective Bag and Rear Cover

Intova Underwater Wide Angle Lens (46 mm & 52 mm Adapters) Specifications

Depth Rating
165' (50 Meters)
Mount Thread
67 Mm (46 Mm And 52 Mm With Included Thread Mount Adapters)
2 Groups/2 Elements
3.43" (8.7 Cm)
1.57" (4 Cm) With Adapter, 1.4" (3.6 Cm) W/O Adapter
12.35 Oz (350 G)
Lens: Optical Glass, Barrel: Anodized Aluminum
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