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About Intova Camera Float Strap

You got an Intova or other brand of submersible compact camera and are afraid of losing it while you're in the water. Secure that camera with this floating universal camera strap. Strap will keep your camera from disappearing under the water with its buoyancy. Strap is Easy-to-Attach with its Lanyard-Style Slide Adjustment Barrel Lock for a Snug-and-Custom Fit around your wrist. Strap has a Quick Release which allows you to leave the Connector Attached to your Camera ready for Quick-Connect of Wrist Strap when you need it. Strap is Bright-Red-Color for Easy Identification. So now you can take your camera in the water without fear of it sinking. Camera Float is made from Durable Nylon and Foam for Floatation. Camera Float is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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