Ikelite Extended Dual Tray with Flex Arm Mount for Pro-V8

Ikelite Extended Dual Tray with Flex Arm Mount for Pro-V8 Features

What's in the box: Dual Tray, Tray Mount Ball, Thumbscrew, Mounting Hardware, Four Piece Flex Arm Extension and Installation Instructions

If you have the Pro-V8 Video Lite for your camcorder, and want to use it with your digital still camera then you need this tray to properly attach it. Bring out the natural colors in your still photos with this tray and arm set.

The Ikelite Dual AF35 Tray with Flex Arm Mount allows you to attach 1 Ikelite Pop Bead Flex Arm to any compact housing. Many divers enjoy using their compact point & shoot cameras in video mode. This tray and arm mount allows you to use 2 Pro-V8 Video lights. To do this a second AF35 tray mount (SKU: IK95735) is required. You can also mount a video light on 1 side and a strobe on the other side. This allows you to shoot stills and video on the same dive.

Extended AF35 Dual Tray with Flex Arm Mount includes dual tray, one tray mount ball, thumbscrew, tray mounting hardware and a four piece flex arm extension. For attachment to any Ikelite ULTRA Compact or Compact Digital Housing that accepts the AutoFlash AF35 as well as most housings manufactured by Canon, Olympus and Sony. Tray and flex arm are made of durable noncorrosive plastic with stainless steel screws and washer mounting hardware.

Key Features

  • Ikelite Extended AF35 Dual Tray with Flex Arm Mount for Pro-V8
  • Fits ULTRAcompact and Other Compact Digital Housings
  • Allows the Use of PR-V8 Video Lite with Still Camera's
  • Durable Noncorrosive Plastic Tray and Arm Extension
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Increased Quality of Video/Still Photography
  • Installation Instructions

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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