Ikelite #4061 DS-161 Movie Substrobe

Ikelite #4061 DS-161 Movie Substrobe Features

What's in the box: IK4061 DS-160 SubStrobe with diffuser, IK40651 Ni-MH Battery Pack

The DS161 Movie Sub-strobe combines all of the functionality of our renowned DS160 with a powerful 500 lumen LED video light This strobe is everything you need for stunning photos and video

Strobe Coverage: Professional photographers all over the world prefer the wide and even coverage of our specially made circular flashtubes The slightly warm color temperature provides rich, natural tones for beautiful macro, portraits and landscapes

Strobe Compatibility: The DS161 Movie Sub-strobe is compatible with all Ikelite TTL systems and current digital cameras, as well as all older TTL film cameras including the Nikonos system A variety of sync cords, sensors, and TTL adaptersare available to connect to almost any camera system currently on the market The strobe's wide-angle diffuser increases the angle-of-coverage from 90 degreesup to 100 degrees, softens the light and helps to reduce backscatter

Strobe Power: The DS161 recycles in a quick 1 5 sec from full discharge and gives 225 flashes When fired at a fractional power - whether in TTL or manual mode - the strobe recycles virtually instantaneously Number of flashes per fullcharge will increase dramatically in most cases when using in TTL mode with a compatible camera system The powerful DS161 is adjustable in 10 half-stop increments for precise control over your exposure when used in manual mode

Movie Light Coverage: Three super-bright LEDs are arranged behind a special optical element to provide 45 degrees angle of coverage free of hotspots The daylight balanced color temperature brings out true, natural colors with or without the use of a color correcting filter

Movie Light Modes: With the strobe set to the "Batt w/Lite" position, the movie light is adjustable from 100% down to 50% power in 10 fractional power settings An "SOS" mode emits the universal signal for help in emergency situations With the strobe set to the "On w/Lite" position, the movie light doubles as an aiminglight for focusing or night diving The light automatically dims to an imperceptible level when the strobe fires so there is no effect on photos

Movie Light Burn Time: Custom circuitry and highly efficient drivers provide 5 hours of continuous burn time on a fully charged battery with no waning effects Continuous use of the light at full power reduces number of full power flashes by less than 15% Strobe and components are depth rated to 300' (90 meters)

Key Features

  • Strobe Features:
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack
  • TTL, Full and Manual Mode
  • 1.5 Second Recycle Time
  • 225+ Flash Full Charge
  • 9 Fractional Power Settings
  • Powerful Strobe
  • 5 watt Modeling Light
  • Wide Angle Diffuser
  • Angle of Coverage 90 Degrees/100 with Diffuser
  • Depth Rating: 300' (90 meters)
  • Movie Light Features:
  • 15-watt LED
  • Angle of Coverage 45 Degrees
  • 500 Lumens
  • Color Temperature 5000-5500 Degrees Kelvin
  • 5 Hour Burn Time

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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