Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe

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About Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe

The size and weight of the Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe make it the perfect choice for the traveling underwater photographer. The DS51's intensity and angle of coverage are comparable to any strobe in its class. The strobe can easily switch between TTL/Auto and any of the six manual power settings through a large, easy-to-turn dial on the rear of the strobe. A simple battery door is easy to remove and replace and provides a clear view of the o-ring seal. The strobe's battery compartment is independently sealed from the electronics preventing further damage in the event of a flood. When combined with a compatible Ikelite TTL system or film TTL system, the DS51 automatically adjusts brightness to provide perfect exposure whether you're shooting macro, portrait or wide angle.

The Strobe comes with a diffuser, waterproof bulkhead cap and silicone lubricant 1cc tube. The Strobe id depth rated to 300' (90 meters), the manual power modes in 6 1/2-stop increments with a color temperature 5700K and a guide number 17 m at ISO 100. The Strobes coverage angle 70° degrees without diffuser and 80° degrees with diffuser and recycles in 3.5 seconds or less. The DS51 accepts 4 AA cell alkaline, Li-ion, NiMH or NiCad batteries (not included) as a power supply. The unit measures 3.2" x 4.7" (81mm x 119mm), weighs 20oz (590g) with batteries and is neutrally buoyant in fresh water. Strobe comes with an owner's manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe Features

  • Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe
  • Perfect Choice for Traveling Underwater Photographer
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Dimensions: 3.2" x 4.7" (81mm x 119mm)
  • Weight: 20oz (590g) with Batteries
  • Intensity & Angle of Coverage Comparable to Any Strobe-in-its-Class
  • Easily Switch Between TTL/Auto and 6-Manual Power Settings
  • Control: Large, Easy-to-Turn Dial, Rear of Strobe
  • Simple Battery Door: Easy to Remove and Replace
  • Battery Door: Provides Clear View of O-Ring Seal
  • Battery Compartment: Independently Sealed from Electronics for Safety
  • Automatically Adjusts Brightness with Compatible TTL System
  • Perfect Exposure: Shooting Macro, Portrait or Wide Angle
  • Includes: Diffuser, Waterproof Bulkhead Cap & Silicone Lubricant
  • Depth Rating: 300' (90 meters)
  • Manual Power Modes: 6 1/2-Stop Increments
  • Color Temperature 5700K
  • Guide Number: Feet: 56 Surface, 28 Underwater, Meters: 17 Surface, 9 Underwater
  • Neutrally Buoyant in Fresh Water
  • Coverage Angle/Effective Range:
    With Diffuser: 80° Degrees
    2' (0.6 meters)
    Without Diffuser: 70° Degrees
    4' (1.2 meters)
  • Recycles: 3.5 Seconds or Less
  • 200 Flashes at Full Power
  • Power: Accepts 4 AA Cell Alkaline, Li-Ion, NiMH or NiCad Batteries (not included)
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Ikelite DS51 TTL Strobe Specifications

Body Material
Not Specified by Manufacture
Beam Angle
W/O Diffuser: 70° Degrees, W/Diffuser: 80° Degrees
Color Temperature
Effective Range
W/O Diffuser: 4' (1.2 meters), W/Diffuser: 2' (0.6 meters)
Guide Number
Feet: 56 Surface, 28 Underwater, Meters: 17 Surface, 9 Underwater
Accepts 4 AA Cell Alkaline, Li-Ion, NiMH or NiCad Batteries (not included)
Burn Time
200 Flashes at Full Power
Recycle Time
3.5 Seconds or Less
3.2" x 4.7" (81mm x 119mm)
20oz (590g) with Batteries
Neutrally Buoyant in Fresh Water
Weight [with packaging]
0.05 lb
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