Ikelite Manta TTL Fiber Optic Strobe for Digital Systems


About Ikelite Manta TTL Fiber Optic Strobe for Digital Systems

The smartest, most intuitive strobe yet.
We set out to strip the underwater strobe down to the essence of form + function. To start, we developed Pre-Flash Recognition Technology, giving the strobe a unique ability to automatically adjust to almost any camera's pre-flash sequence or lack of pre-flash. There's no switch or magnet, not even a "set" button for this feature. The Manta can set and reset itself on-the-fly, even if you switch from a pre-flash to a non-preflash mode in-between shots underwater.
After 52 years, we're getting too old to see tiny dials
"Ikelite" and "TTL" have been synonymous since the introduction of digital cameras. So naturally we designed the strobe to automatically adjust its flash output based on the output of your camera's flash. But we know that sometimes, especially underwater, your camera doesn't exactly share your artistic vision. The strobe needed +/- EV compensation and a range of manual exposure settings. That's where you typically stumble upon a microscopic exposure dial surrounded by complex hieroglyphics in several colors and layers. Instead, we arranged them all into one continuous, elegant 360° sweep of a huge dial. Easy to see, and easy to turn, even with gloves
At that point, even the ready light was starting to seem like clutter.
So we illuminated the on/off switch and made it glow green in TTL modes, red in manual modes. When we were done, we made sure that it was super powerful and independently sealed the battery compartment to insure against those "oops" moments. A front-mounted fiber optic port is designed to minimize stress on the cord and reduce the possibility of accidental firing off surface reflections or other divers' flashes. It accepts Ikelite, Olympus-type, and SEA&SEA-type fiber optic cord fittings.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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Ikelite Manta TTL Fiber Optic Strobe for Digital Systems Specifications

Body Material
Beam Angle
110° (Diffuser Adds 10°)
Color Temperature
Effective Range
Guide Number
25 M (At Iso 100)
4 Aa Cells (Alkaline, Li-Ion, Or Nimh)
Burn Time
Recycle Time
Seconds At Full Power Near-Instantaneous At Lesser Powers
Power Rating
Slightly Negative
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