Ikelite Substrobe DS-125 / Sync Cord / Ball & Socket Arm System - Package for Ikelite Housings

Ikelite Substrobe DS-125 / Sync Cord / Ball & Socket Arm System - Package for Ikelite Housings Features

What's in the box: #4065 DS-125 SubStrobe with diffuser , #4103.51 Digital TTL Sync Cord, #4086.61 Ball - Socket Arm, #4066 Nicad Pack, 1.5-hour Smart Charger, 100-240V USA plug (#4063.1)

Ikelite Substrobe DS-125 (TTL) for Digital & Film Cameras
The SubStrobe DS-125 features special electronic circuitry for use with the newest cameras, providing both TTL capability and the ability to also provide preflashes when used with Ikelite Wireless TTL Slave Sensors

The DS-125 Digital was created especially for use with new digital cameras, but is completely compatible with current film cameras including the Nikonos and all of the newest Nikon System Requires the use of a Charger and either the #4100 5 Remote TTL Sensor or any of the applicable sync cords can be utilized Also requires the use of a Strobe arm

Deluxe Ball Socket arm systems #4086 61
The arm system allows easy strobe placement from macro close-up to wide angle without changing aim of the Sensor The complete system removes with a push of the handle button

This system is easy to manipulate underwater, and is as versatile as costly ball socket arm systems

#4063 1 Smart Charger
This new charger features the latest negative delta-v pulse charge technology to provide more complete charging while keeping the batteries cool for longer battery life It also conditions the cells and usually provides more flashes per charge

Auto-ranging input allows it to operate anywhere with 100-240 volt supply making it ideal for the traveling diver, and this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources

The charger measures 3" x 5" x 1 625" and weighs only 1 3 pounds complete with cords Two LED indicators show continuity and state of charge

The charger plugs directly into the SubStrobe 125 The 125 charges completely in 1 5 hours;

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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