Ikelite Super-8 RCD Lite (1220)

Ikelite Super-8 RCD Lite (1220) Features

What's in the box: Super-8 RCD Lite, Pistol Grip, Lantern Handles, Rubber Shroud and Instruction Manual

Our newest and brightest non-rechargeable light is also the brightest of all the non-rechargeable 8 "D" cell lights on the market It is also considerably brighter than 8 "C" cell lights with their smaller size reflectors The Super-8 RCD features a special new halogen lamp that produces an incredibly bright 14-watt penetrating medium spot beam Batteries provide 4-6 hour of burn time

The unique fail-safe quick-release RCD clamp is simple and provides easy opening and closing of the light This system has been widely accepted as the most dependable choice for rental service Unlike all other 8-cell lights, the RCD won't stick or crack

Slide lever out, flip it up, and rotate to open light, the large rotating switch and switch lock afford easy operation even when wearing a bulky glove A rubber shroud protects the front lens while blocking distracting side reflections Light has a durable plastic case The Super-8 RCD is supplied with both pistol and lantern handle styles

Size is 4" x 8 5" (10 2 cm x 21 6 cm) without handle and is depth rated to 300' (90 meters)

Key Features

  • High Intensity Halogen Lamp
  • 14 Watts of Power
  • 8 "D"-Cell Batteries (not included)
  • Pistol and Lantern Handles
  • Durable Plastic Design
  • 300' (90 meters) Depth Rating
  • Easy to Use Switch Mechanism
  • Rubber Protect Lens Shroud

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

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