Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200)

SKU: IK120

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About Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200)

The RCD is unique because of its fail-safe quick-release clamp system that simplifies opening and closing the light This system has been widely accepted as the most dependable choice for rental service Unlike the myriad of popular price lights that use a screw-on cap, the RCD won't stick or crack It boasts of a compact 4" x 6" size

The large rotating switch and sliding lock afford easy operation, even when you are wearing a bulky glove A rubber shroud protects the front lens while blocking distracting side reflections All internal components are plated for corrosion resistance and the greatest electrical continuity Can be used in depths to 300 feet (90 meters)

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(317) 923-4523

Ikelite RCD Halogen Light (1200) Specifications

Power (Watts)
Halogen 5.0 Volt
Burn Time (Hours)
5 - 6
4 Alkaline "D"
Available in the Following Colors:
Black, Yellow
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