Harvey's 6.5mm Mens Dri-Flex Semi-Dry, Two Piece Neoprene Wetsuit

Harvey's 6.5mm Mens Dri-Flex Semi-Dry, Two Piece Neoprene Wetsuit Features

What's in the box: Farmer John, Step in Jacket

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Two piece farmer john/jacket suit Harvey's DRI-FLEX suits are constructed using the new 4-way FLEX neoprene, the latest in suit material technology, will allow these new suits to stretch nearly 250% of their original size
Unlike other flexible suits, Harvey's new DI-FLEX model suits are not only incredibly flexible, but are extremely warm, rugged and are nearly impervious to velcro, weight belt or BCD damage Your new Harvey's DRI-FLEX suit will look like new for years Because of their unbelievable stretch characteristics, these new suits, in most cases, can eliminate the need for many custom suits
The DRI-FLEX system incorporates the exclusive Kobalt Pro-Flex seal system The Kobalt Pro-Flex seals in the wrist, collar, and ankle eliminate water transfer throughout and make this an incredibly warm semi-dry suit

Key Features

  • Farmer Johns have double shoulder velcro entry & spine pad
  • Diagonal zipper through leg jacket
  • Bent elbow & knee design
  • Thick polyurethane-coated knee.shin guards
  • Kobalt Pro-Flex seal system
  • Adjustable collar

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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