HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask

HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask Features

What's in the box: - Custom hard-shell case and neoprene lens cover , SeaGold anti-fog gel by AquaSeal , Monocle with lanyard , Cover Lens and retractor.

Flat Dive Masks Block 75% of Your View - The world's only Double-Dome dive mask conquers tunnel vision - Dive smart -- see almost 5X more!

HydroOptix Diving Masks
The Double-Dome dive masks' patented optics provide razor-sharp Panoramic Views, 350% greater than conventional flat dive masks, completely free of distortions, no matter where you look HydroOptix Double-Dome scuba masks give divers superior situational awareness and eye-hand coordination -- your time underwater becomes safer, more productive and enjoyable

NanoFOG coating ensures fog-free dives The Double-Dome lenses of HydroOptix dive masks are made from the same super-tough material used for bulletproof shields: Lexan+ polycarbonate Besides impact protection, the lenses resist scratches with the toughest hard coating available the same coating that protects automotive headlamps

Flat diving masks, once submerged, make objects appear closer and bigger than reality -- and cause off-axis blurring and shape distortion that's ten times worse than the MilSpec requirements for in-air vision systems All Double-Dome dive masks surpass MilSpecs -- having edge resolution that is over 100 times sharper than flat diving masks

Two Skirts are available for MEGA 45DD Mask
S1 Skirt: Diver with thick moustaches and beards prefer the shorter seal under the nose (fits above your moustache hair)
S3 Skirt: Unique Flex-Curves fit many face-shapes For those with prominent nose bridges

READ THIS FIRST before using your mask
Lens Replacement Kit Instructions

The HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask is commonly used for Open Water Diving, Recreation, Snorkeling and more. The HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Recreational Diver, Divemaster among others. The HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask is popular because customers like the following qualities of the HydroOptix Mega 4.5 Mask: Range of Vision, Lens Quality, Does Not Fog, Snug Fit.

Key Features

  • Field-of-view 170° x 90° V
  • True-Size and True Distance
  • Zero Distortion
  • Razor Sharp Panoramic
  • Optics Perfected by the same engineers NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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