Henderson Thermoprene 3 mm Back Zipper Junior Jumpsuit


About Henderson Thermoprene 3 mm Back Zipper Junior Jumpsuit

Get the features and design benefits of more expensive suits in this economically priced jumpsuit ideal for both local waters and exotic destinations. The Thermoprene 3 mm Nylon 2 Jumpsuit's effectiveness is based on a contoured fit that helps keeps water exchange to a minimum combined with a superior grade of neoprene for maximum heat retention. All seams are GBS-Glued and Blind-Stitched, which further prevents water seepage and extends suit life.

Creature comforts include Lycra trimmed cuffs, a spine pad for warmth and an adjustable collar for a more custom fit. Suit is equipped with Freedom Flex kneepads that guard the knees and lower legs without sacrificing comfort. Thermoprene is noticeably easier to don with 75% more stretch than standard neoprene, pulling over the shoulders and around the torso with less huff and puff than standard wet suits. Also, the fabric's exterior stands up extremely well to the wear and abrasions. Suit is available in 4 sizes from size 10 to 16.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 120 months.

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Henderson Thermoprene 3 mm Back Zipper Junior Jumpsuit Features

  • Thermoprene 3 mm Back Zipper Junior's Jumpsuit
  • Features and Design Benefits of More Expensive Suits
  • Anatomically Friendly Suit Design
  • Ideal for Both Local Waters and Exotic Destinations
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Seams: Glued and Blind Stitched
  • Balance of Performance and Price
  • Greater Flexibility than Standard Neoprene
  • 75% More Stretch than Standard Neoprene
  • Lycra Trim
  • Spine Pad with Zipper Seal
  • Thermoprene is Noticeably Easier to Don
  • Freedom Flex Kneepads
  • 4 Size Choices from 10 to 16

Henderson Thermoprene 3 mm Back Zipper Junior Jumpsuit Specifications

Nylon Ii Neoprene Rubber
3 Mm
Glued And Blind-Stitched
Back Zipper And Adjustable Collar
Available in the Following Sizes:
10, 12, 14, 16
Weight [with packaging]
10: 1.4 lb,
14: 1.5 lb,
12: 1.6 lb,
16: 1.8 lb
Henderson Wetsuit Size Chart - Junior
Size 10 12 14 16
Weight(Lbs) 75 - 90 90 - 105 105 - 120 120 - 135
Height 4'8" - 4'11" 4'10" - 5'1" 5'1" - 5'4" 5'4" - 5'7"
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