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Henderson Microprene 2 Women's 1.5 mm Jumpsuit 12 Black/Blue


Henderson Microprene 2 Women's 1.5 mm Jumpsuit 12 Black/Blue Features

What's in the box: 1.5 mm Jumpsuit

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Returning this year is Microprene 2 a significantly improved version of the extremely popular Microprene series. The big story here is that Microprene 2 utilizes 180% stretch Thermoprene Rubber throughout the Microprene Lineup which provides huge improvements in comfort and mobility. Fashionable new graphics and color options highlight the new Microprene 2 line.

Microprene 2 is an ultra thin, hi-stretch neoprene that is superior as a base layer, but is also a good choice for any tropical environment. It boasts the same basic characteristic and features as thicker cuts of Thermoprene, providing outstanding insulation characteristics, elasticity and durability for a warm and flexible fit.

Wearing Microprene 2 under a thicker wet suit is like super-charging your exposure gear. The extra layer of insulation helps create a more effective water barrier to significantly reduce water transfer. It also adds a minimal amount of buoyancy, helping divers keep their weight belts as light as possible. When worn alone Microprene 2 provides benefits similar to that of skin suits, but are warmer and more durable than the traditional skin style garments. Warmer, lightweight, and comfortable Microprene 2 is a perfect addition to all your dive adventures.

The 1.5 mm Microprene 2 Jumpsuit has an adjustable color to reduce water exchange around the neck area, it uses Lycra trim on wrist, ankles and neck and has a durable back zipper entry for easy donning and doffing. All seams are flat-lock sewn for strength and durability and suit comes with Freedom Flex Knee Pads that provide a super-tough exterior with greatly improved mobility. Microprene-2 material is very fast drying and has hook & pile abrasion resistant nylon to keep your suit looking good longer. Suit is available in 6 sizes from size 4 to 14 with three color choices.

Key Features

  • Microprene 2 Material with Lycra Trim
  • Flat-Lock Seams
  • Back Zipper
  • Adjustable Collar
  • 1.5 mm Thick Nylon 2 Neoprene Rubber
  • Great Layering Suit for Extreme Warmth
  • Stand-Alone Suit for Tropical Conditions
  • 180% Stretch Material
  • Comfort and Mobility
  • Freedom Flex Knee Pads
  • Fast Drying Material
  • Hook & Pile Abrasion Resistant Nylon
  • Fashionable New Graphics and Color Options
  • 6 Sizes from Size 4 to 14

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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