Henderson Insta Dry Men's 5mm Jumpsuit

Henderson Insta Dry Men's 5mm Jumpsuit Features

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Insta Dry+ Full Jump
The most sophisticated, high-performance suit Henderson makes, the Insta Dry has outstanding thermal qualities Its top-of-the-line neoprene doesn't suffer from compression at depth, yet does slowly conform to the unique shape of the diver's body so that after several dives it begins to fit more like a custom suit This full jumpsuit also boasts an anti-microbial interior that promotes suit-to-skin contact for a full-body seal, yet won't hold the little nasties that cause funky wetsuit smells Neo Skin seals at the cuffs and an adjustable collar also protect against water exchange After the dive, this suit sheds water quickly and is dry, ready for the next adventure in minutes

Introducing Henderson's Insta Dry Technology

Outer Skin:
Hydrophobic "High Carbon" Micro Mesh neoprene provides durability, and a non-pillng and non absorbent exterior that sheds water fast and dries in minutes

Fiber Core
A four way stretch synthetic fabric core which provides strength and internal support for all stitching while safe guarding against hyper extension of the exothermic exterior

Inner Skin
Henderson's BLACK GOLD TECHNOLOGY provides a fast drying, anti microbial, slip skin interior that slides on easily, seals out cold water while locking in core body warmth

Seam Construction
All seams are glued, high temperature glue which will not reactivate in extreme temperature environments seams are constructed using a blind stitch which helps prevent water entry into the suit through the seam areas A special bonded thread helps prevent pilling and seam snags

Key Features

  • Material Thickness 5mm

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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