Henderson Insta Dry 5mm Boots

Henderson Insta Dry 5mm Boots Features

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A great boot begins with the sole, and Henderson's Insta Dry features a low-profile sole that slips easily into the foot pockets of standard-size fins They also boast a cushioned heel and deliver good lateral stability Up top, the heavy-duty, non-corrosive zipper features an equally sturdy zipper lock, so it won't slide down during the dive, and inside, Insta Dry's anti-microbial interior wards off bacterial growth, keeping your footwear smelling fresh

Key Features

  • G-Lock Zipper
  • W.E.B.-Water Entry Barrier
  • Low Profile Sole
  • Cushioned Heel
  • Anti-Microbial Interior

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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