Henderson 7mm Men's Hyperstretch Core Warmer, Black/Blue

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About Henderson 7mm Men's Hyperstretch Core Warmer, Black/Blue

Made from 7mm Hyperstretch this suit may be worn by itself, or over any wetsuit to improve warmth by preventing water entry thru zipper openings. Simple Velcro shoulder opening provides for a great seal and easy donning.

BENEFITS OF HYPERSTRETCH: This revolutionary new 4-way stretch neoprene can stretch up to 250% of its original size. This provides huge advantages over wetsuits made from standard neoprene. Hyperstretch will provide a custom like fit on multiple body types wearing the same size suit. Your suit will still fit well even if you've made a few too many trips to the buffet line. Hyperstretch suits are the ultimate for layering, their ability to be worn over other suits is unsurpassed. If you ever wished for a wetsuit that was as comfortable as a pair of well worn jeans... your wish has come true.

How do I care for Hyperstretch Products?
In order to keep Hyperstretch in top condition you must treat it differently than other wetsuits.

1) You must not dry or store these products in areas where temperatures exceed 135F or in direct sunlight.
(The temperature in the trunk of a car on a hot day may exceed 180F.) High temperatures can damage these products as well as most all dive equipment.
2) Always dry Hyperstretch in the shade, Never machine wash or dry Hyperstretch.
3) The fabric which covers Hyperstretch is made from a special high stretch open weave which allows the neoprene to realize its full stretch potential. Henderson has selected a fabric which is the most durable in the high stretch category. However, it is very important to note that if this fabric is not treated properly it is susceptible to pulls, runs, snags, and pilling. Although runs, pulls, snags and pilling may make your wetsuit unsightly they will not interfere with the warmth and thermal protection. By following the tips below you can avoid many of the elements that could potentially damage your suit.
Avoid contact with hook and loop fabric fastening systems commonly found on buoyancy compensators (Bc's).

Check your BC for rough edges and exposed hook fasteners before use.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(856) 825-4771

Henderson 7mm Men's Hyperstretch Core Warmer, Black/Blue Features

  • 7mm Titanium 4-way Hyperstretch Neoprene.
  • This suit is the ultimate for flexibility, movement and comfort.
  • Material will stretch 2X the amount of standard neoprene.
  • Can be worn comfortably by multiple persons with different body types.
  • Get a custom wetsuit without the added costs!

Henderson 7mm Men's Hyperstretch Core Warmer, Black/Blue Specifications

Hyperstretch Neoprene.
Available in the Following Sizes:
Small, X-Large, X-Small
Mfr #
Henderson Men's Wetsuit Size Charts
  XS SM MD M/Short M/Tall ML L L/Short L/Tall XL XL/Short XL/Tall 2XL 2XL/Short 2XL/Tall 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Chest (in) 34-36 36-38 38-40 38-40 38-40 39-41 40-42 40-42 40-42 42-44 42-44 42-44 44-46 44-46 44-46 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54
Waist (in) 29-31 31-33 33-35 33-35 33-35 34-36 35-37 35-37 35-37 37-39 37-39 37-39 39-41 39-41 39-41 41-44 43-46 45-48 47-50
Weight (lbs) 125-135 135-150 150-170 140-160 160-180 155-175 170-190 160-180 180-200 190-210 190-210 200-220 210-230 200-220 220-240 230-250 250-270 270-290 290-325
Height (ft/in) 5'5"- 5'7" 5'7"- 5'9" 5'9"- 5'11" 5'5.5"- 5'7.5" 6'1"- 6'3" 5'9.5"- 5'11" 5'10"- 6'0" 5'7.5"- 5'9.5" 6'2"- 6'4" 5'11"- 6'1" 5'8.5"- 5'10.5" 6'3"- 6'5" 6'0"- 6'2" 5'9.5"- 5'11.5" 6'3"- 6'5" 6'1"- 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'5"

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John M  hi ... 1. is this product (or a similar core warmer) available in 8mm, 9mm, and up thickness? 2. i'm heavy in the thighs and calf's ... need need slightly more buoyancy than 7mm there.
Frank L  Not available any thicker than 7mm.
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